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How to spell PAYOR correctly?

If you meant to write "payor", but realized it was incorrect, here are some possible correct suggestions. Instead of "payor", you can use "payer", which refers to someone who pays money. Alternatively, you may want to consider using "payee" if you're referring to the recipient of the payment.

List of suggestions on how to spell payor correctly

  • bayer Bayer is a multinational pharmaceutical company.
  • bayou The alligator swims in the murky bayou.
  • gayer
  • kayo
  • layer
  • mayer His Mayer's Chocolate made from his family's recipe.
  • mayo
  • mayor The mayor is the head of government for a municipality.
  • PAAR
  • pacer The pacer led the group through the woods during the trail run.
  • pager I remember carrying a pager when I was working as a resident physician.
  • pair I need to buy a new pair of shoes for work.
  • paler My skin looks paler in the winter months.
  • pallor Not feeling well, she had a pallor to her skin.
  • paper I need to write my thesis on a sheet of paper.
  • par I enjoy playing golf, but my par is not as low as I would like it to be.
  • parer The baby is wearing a parer.
  • parlor I was surprised to find a parlor on the first floor.
  • parr
  • pay I need to pay my bills this weekend.
  • payed
  • payee As the payee on the check, I was able to deposit the funds into my bank account.
  • payer The payer must ensure that their bill is paid on time to avoid penalties.
  • payers Health insurance payers are responsible for reimbursing medical expenses incurred by their customers.
  • Payne John Payne was an American actor known for his roles in film noir and western movies.
  • payoff The payoff from this investment is great.
  • payola It's illegal for radio stations to accept payola from record companies in exchange for airplay.
  • Payout I am going to get my payout today.
  • pays He always pays attention in class, so he gets good grades.
  • player
  • poor Poor nutrition can lead to obesity, which is a major cause of poor health and poor life expectancy.
  • prayer I offer up a prayer for strength and guidance.
  • prior I had a prior engagement and cannot join you for the dinner tonight.
  • Pryor Tommy is a member of the Pryor family.

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