Correct spelling for PEATER

We think the word peater is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for peater

  • beater And Cake's mother, in the later years of her life, besides being a clever evader of the police and the truant officer, developed into a beater of parts.
  • eater That eater of swine aimed a blow at my face with his unclean fist.
  • heater Mom and Pop and Charlotte Ann were in the front seat, so Charlotte Ann would be closer to our car heater and keep warm, on account of it was a cold morning.
  • pate He gave the- "So many young Captains have walked o'er my pate, It's no wonder you see me quite bald, sir," with emphatic bitterness, and the company thanked him.
  • patter There was a little patter of feet in the passage.
  • peat Between their trunks he saw the river, stained with peat, brawling among the stones, and the streaks of foam that stretched across a coffee-colored pool.
  • peaty Planted out in a light, sandy, peaty soil, and where fully exposed, this shrub has done well, and proved itself a suitable subject for the climate of England at least.
  • pester It shows that what you have pledged yourselves to do is only to pester others.
  • peter Peter recognized it right away.
  • pewter I have two pewter soldiers-this is one of them, and he shall have it, for I know he is so very, very lonely."
  • porter Do your best, Porter, do your best.
  • potter Potter was suddenly a changed man, as soon as he and I were alone together, becoming exactly what he had been yesterday when I first ran downstairs, and he introduced himself.
  • pouter All the farmyard life was wonderful there-bantams, speckled and top-knotted; Friesland hens, with their feathers all turned the wrong way; Guinea-fowls that flew and screamed, and dropped their pretty-spotted feathers; pouter pigeons, and a tame magpie; nay, a goat, and a wonderful dog, half mastiff, half bull-dog, as large as a lion!
  • prater You called me Duke of Reichstadt? No! But would you have my veritable name? 'Tis what the people call me in the Prater As they make way: The Little Bonaparte! I am his son! and no one's son but his!
  • putter The climax came when the Bish gravely explained that all putter shots should be played with a slight hook, "for the sake of the extra run."
  • Pete Was askin' Pete about you not a minute ago-wasn't I, Pete?"
  • pettier This of course is merely the result of negligence,-and negligence no one likes to forgive; only Shakspeare can afford to be careless of his fame, and the rags that his commentators make of him are a warning to all pettier people.
  • neater If Rousseau had found no neater expression for his doctrine than this, the Social Contract would assuredly have been no explosive.

82 words made from the letters peater

3 letter words made from peater:

era, are, ter, ape, pat, tap, eta, atp, pee, tar, epa, pre, ear, rap, ert, par, tea, art, ate, pet, apt, rep, arp, ret, pea, apr, eat, tee, rat, per.

4 letter words made from peater:

5 letter words made from peater:

peate, arete, rapee, paret, perea, apter, pater, teera, reate, paree, patre, eater, peare, peter, ratee, peaer, preta, ptere, prate, teper, prete, teare, peret, praet, taper.

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