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How to spell PECES correctly?

"Peces" is a commonly misspelled word, often written as "peces". To avoid this error, it is essential to remember the correct spelling. One way to remember is by associating it with the Spanish word "pez", which means fish. So, in the plural form, remember to write "peces" to avoid any confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell peces correctly

  • feces I cannot believe he just got up and walked away, leaving feces all over the floor!
  • pacers They were the pacers for the team.
  • PACES I am practicing my PACES to improve my running speed.
  • pecks The woodpecker pecks at the tree to find food.
  • pecos I have a pecos that I planted in my garden.
  • pecs She has amazing pecs.
  • PEES
  • PESOS During my travels, I always keep a few pesos handy in case I need to buy something.
  • pieces The pieces of the wall were scattered all around the room.
  • pierces The sharp needle pierces through the fabric effortlessly.
  • pisces In the sign Pisces, the fish is often taken as the symbol of the elusive and mystical nature of the watery planet
  • poses The new building poses a threat to the surrounding environment.

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