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How to spell PEELLING correctly?

If the intended word is "peeling", possible correct suggestions include: "peeling potatoes", "peeling paint", and "peeling a banana". If the intended word is "spelling", possible correct suggestions include: "spelling bee", "spelling mistakes", and "spelling rules."

List of suggestions on how to spell peelling correctly

  • belling The belling of the church tower signaled the start of the Sunday service.
  • feeling
  • Felling The felling of trees in the Amazon rainforest is destroying the habitats of countless species.
  • gelling The mixture wasn't gelling as quickly as it should have been.
  • Heeling Heeling a sailboat requires skill and attention to the wind and waves.
  • jelling The jelling process releases the trapped gases in the pastry.
  • Keeling The island of Keeling is in thebay of Bengal.
  • Palling I was so disappointed that my new dress didn't palling with my hair palling.
  • panelling The panelling in the old house was made of dark wood and added a sense of warmth and sophistication to the room.
  • pealing I can hear the pigs pealing in the distance.
  • pearling Pearling was once a major industry in the Persian Gulf.
  • Pebbling The pebbling of the beach by the waves was a calming sight.
  • pedaling I love pedaling through the park on my bike.
  • peddling The street vendor was peddling his wares to tourists.
  • peeing
  • peeking
  • peeling She spent hours peeling the potatoes for the dinner party.
  • peelings The compost bin was filled with fruit and vegetable peelings.
  • Peeping The neighbor was caught peeping through the window.
  • Peering I saw the curious cat peering through the window into the neighbor's house.
  • peeving I was really peeving because there was a line at the convenience store.
  • pelting The rain was pelting down on the roof, making it difficult to sleep.
  • Peopling Peopling the vast emptiness of space has been a dream of science fiction writers for decades.
  • Periling The crew was periling through the stormy sea, desperately trying to reach the safety of the harbor.
  • Perilling She knew that perilling her reputation with such a bold act would land her in trouble.
  • Pilling Be very careful when removing the pilling from the fabric, as it can damage the fabric.
  • Polling In order to conduct polling, a survey must be conducted.
  • pulling She strained her back while pulling the heavy suitcase up the stairs.
  • Reeling The city was reeling from the news of the murders.
  • repelling The smell was repelling and I wanted to leave.
  • selling He asked for assistance in selling his old car.
  • spelling My spelling has improved significantly since I started using a dictionary.
  • telling Telling a good story requires a combination of creativity and effective communication skills.
  • Welling He quipped, " Welling is an interesting name.
  • yelling The family was yelling at each other.

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