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How to spell PEISES correctly?

The correct spelling for "peises" is "pieces". Other possible suggestions include "poses", "prices", "pens", "peers", "piles" or "pages". It is important to double-check for correct spelling to avoid confusion and miscommunication.

List of suggestions on how to spell peises correctly

  • parses The program parses the data from the website and organizes it into a spreadsheet.
  • passes
  • pauses
  • PEES
  • penises
  • perseus Perseus was a demigod in Greek mythology, best known for slaying the gorgon Medusa.
  • peruses She peruses through the pages of the book looking for the answer.
  • pests I was trying to get the pests away from the flowers but they kept coming back.
  • PIES I'm going to bake three different pies for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • pisces In Greek mythology, Pisces is the fish-tailed water god.
  • pisses
  • pleases
  • poise The gymnast demonstrated perfect poise as she executed her routine flawlessly.
  • poises It has been said that dancers are like poises in the wind.
  • poses
  • posses
  • praises She received many praises from the judges for her excellent performance.
  • presses She presses the buttons on the remote control to change the TV channel.
  • purses She has a collection of designer purses.
  • pusses

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