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How to spell PEMIER correctly?

If you've misspelled "pemier", fear not! The correct spelling is "premier". Commonly used to describe someone or something of the highest quality or importance, "premier" fits perfectly when seeking to convey excellence. Remember this spelling to ensure your written work remains impeccable.

List of suggestions on how to spell pemier correctly

  • emir The emir of the country was known for his generosity and hospitality towards travelers.
  • gamier She's a gamier than I expected.
  • Hemmer The policeman was wearing a bright red Hemmer.
  • homier After living in the city for years, returning to the small town felt much homier.
  • Meier I'm Joseph Meier.
  • pamper
  • peeler I need to get a new vegetable peeler because my old one is dull.
  • peeper The peeper frog can be heard singing loudly in the pond at night.
  • peer
  • pepper I would like some pepper on my food.
  • peppier This pepper has a peppier flavor.
  • Perrier I need to fix my Perrier.
  • peter Peter was absent from the meeting.
  • pettier I'm not sure what you're trying to say, but it sounds like you're accusing me of being more pettier
  • pewter The jug was filled with Pewter Ale.
  • pier My dad took me to pier for my birthday.
  • plumier I need to get a new plumier for the kitchen.
  • pokier My old computer is much pokier than my new one.
  • premier The premier of the province is the head of the government.
  • Prier
  • Pumper The pumper truck rushed to the scene of the fire.
  • punier He was the punier of the group.
  • seamier I prefer not to discuss the seamier aspects of my past.

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