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How to spell PERATE correctly?

If you’ve misspelled the word "perate", don't fret! Here are some possible alternatives: "separate", "operate", "perpetrate", "integrate" or "desperate". These suggestions offer various contexts, so carefully choose the one that best fits your intended meaning. Remember to proofread to ensure the correct spelling in the future.

List of suggestions on how to spell perate correctly

  • aerate It is important to aerate the soil before planting to allow oxygen to access the roots.
  • berate The coach continued to berate his players for their poor performance on the field.
  • operate The team of experts will operate on the patient to remove the tumor.
  • parade The parade is starting soon.
  • pate I love spreading pate on a warm slice of baguette.
  • peat The fireplace was filled with peat to keep the living room warm.
  • peaty The peaty soil was damp under my feet.
  • permeate The smell of freshly baked cookies began to permeate through the entire house.
  • Perot Ross Perot was an independent candidate for president in 1992 and 1996.
  • pert His pert attitude towards authority figures often got him into trouble.
  • Pete My friend Pete always cheers me up.
  • pirate The pirate ship was equipped with a black flag, cannons, and a crew of scallywags.
  • Pirated He was caught selling pirated DVDs of popular movies.
  • pirates Pirates roam the oceans and pillage any ship they come across.
  • prat I refuse to listen to that prat's nonsensical theories.
  • prate After dinner, Prate brought out the dessert.
  • Prated I found it difficult to focus on my work while my coworker incessantly prated on about her weekend plans.
  • prater It was a glorious day for a walk in the park - the Prater, to be precise.
  • prates
  • Pratt Johnny is dating Amy Pratt.
  • predate Predate is the past tense of predate.
  • prelate The bishop was absent, so the prelate presided at the service.
  • prorate I'll prorate the fee for the extra hour.
  • pyrite The mine yielded a large amount of pyrite.
  • rate The interest rate on my home loan is going up.

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