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How to spell PERBEEND correctly?

It seems like "perbeend" might be a misspelling. A possible correct suggestion could be "precedent". Double-check the context and consider if the intended meaning matches. Alternatively, if you meant another word entirely, adding more details would enable better suggestions.

List of suggestions on how to spell perbeend correctly

  • Pebbled The path to the beach was lined with pebbled stones, making it a picturesque and rustic entrance.
  • Percent Only twenty percent of the students passed the test.
  • Perched The little bird perched on the branch, singing a sweet melody.
  • Periled The hikers were periled when they wandered off the trail and got lost in the dense forest.
  • Perked I perked up as soon as I heard the sound of my favorite song playing on the radio.
  • Permeant The damage caused by the fire was permeant and irreversible.
  • Permed My aunt recently got her hair permed, giving her curls that lasted for months.
  • Perseid Every August, stargazers gather to witness the Perseid meteor shower.
  • Perused I perused the bookstore, scanning the shelves in search of a captivating novel.
  • Perylene Perylene is a highly stable polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon commonly used in the production of dyes and pigments.
  • Portend The dark clouds hanging low in the sky portend an approaching storm.
  • Prebound I found a prebound edition of my favorite book with a durable hardcover.
  • Preen After the fashion show, the model stayed backstage to preen her feathers in the mirror.
  • Preened She preened in front of the mirror, adjusting her dress and smoothing down her hair.
  • Preens The peacock preens its vibrant feathers before displaying them to attract a mate.
  • Prepend I need to prepend "Dear" to the beginning of the email before sending it.
  • Preteen My little sister is a preteen and already starting to show interest in makeup and fashion.
  • Preteens Preteens are often caught between childhood and adolescence, experiencing both innocence and emerging maturity.
  • Pretend Let's pretend we are pirates and search for buried treasure.
  • Puréed
  • Purblind He moved through the dense forest, purblind to the beauty of the surrounding wildlife.
  • Pureed I pureed the vegetables to create a smooth and creamy soup.
  • Purmerend Purmerend is known for its vibrant market, which offers a diverse range of fresh produce and crafts.
  • Verbena The aroma of verbena fills the air as I walk through the garden.

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