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How to spell PERMEAT correctly?

If you are searching for the correct spelling of "permeat", it is likely a mistaken form. However, there are two possible suggestions for your intended word: "permeant" and "permeate". "Permeant" refers to something that is permeable, while "permeate" means to pass through or spread throughout.

List of suggestions on how to spell permeat correctly

  • Cermet The cutting tool was made of a cermet material, which allowed it to be both tough and wear-resistant.
  • fermat Fermat's Last Theorem is a mathematical conjecture that took over 350 years to prove.
  • pelmet The pelmet shields the passengers from the rain.
  • permeate The smell of freshly baked cookies began to permeate throughout the house.
  • permeated The room was permeated with the smell of soil.
  • permeates The water permeates the cloth easily.
  • permed My hair permed for the first time today.
  • permit I need to obtain a permit from the city before I can build my new deck.

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