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How to spell PERSE correctly?

When encountering the misspelling "perse", there are a few possible corrections to consider. These include the word "purse", referring to a small bag for carrying personal items; "persevere", meaning to persist or continue despite challenges; or "verse", denoting a line of poetry. Reviewing the context can help determine the most appropriate suggestion.

List of suggestions on how to spell perse correctly

  • erse Did you know that Tolkien used erse in his work?
  • PARS The team was able to achieve PARS of 95% in their performance evaluation.
  • parse The software is designed to parse data files quickly and accurately.
  • parser The parser is a computer program that converts human readable text into an executable program.
  • passe The trend of big shoulder pads in women's clothing is now passe.
  • pause I need to pause the movie because I have to make an important phone call.
  • peace With no worries in the world, she can finally begin to live the peace she's always sought.
  • Pears I give you three pears.
  • Peas I love to eat peas with my steak.
  • peers I enjoy spending time with my peers and learning from them.
  • PEES
  • percy Percy was the only boy in his class who was not afraid of the dark.
  • Perez Perez is a good name for a dog.
  • PERKS One of the best perks of working for this company is the unlimited vacation time.
  • PERMS She always wears her PERMS.
  • Perseid Tonight, the Perseid meteor shower will be the best show of the year.
  • perseus Perseus was able to defeat Medusa.
  • peruse I will peruse the library catalog to find a book on the topic.
  • peso
  • pews The church pews were filled with congregants singing hymns.
  • pierce She used a needle to pierce her ear and add a new earring.
  • Piers I met an old friend of mine in Piers Morgan Tonight.
  • poise She maintained her poise and composure throughout the entire interview.
  • pose I always have to stand with my back to the camera when I pose for photos.
  • posse When the posse arrived, they found the cattle thief hiding in a ditch.
  • prose I prefer to read poetry rather than prose.
  • purse She quickly reached into her purse and pulled out her wallet.
  • purser The purser distributes the cabin keys to the passengers.
  • pursue I am determined to pursue my dream of becoming a successful writer.
  • terse The teacher was known for his terse responses to student questions.
  • verse The verse says to love your neighbor as yourself.

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