How to spell PHOES correctly?

If you accidentally type "phoes" instead of "phones", fear not! Autocorrect can come to the rescue by suggesting the correct spelling. Other potential suggestions may include "phoenix" or "photos", so double-check the context before choosing the most appropriate word. Just a small error, with simple fixes!

List of suggestions on how to spell phoes correctly

  • Does Does she know how to swim?
  • floes She wore her floes with pride.
  • foes Despite being fierce foes on the battlefield, the soldiers showed mutual respect outside of combat.
  • goes He goes to his office every morning at 8 am.
  • HES HES was hesitant to speak in front of the large audience.
  • HIES
  • hoers
  • hoes
  • HOS I have a car with a HOS.
  • hues The painting was full of vibrant hues.
  • Noes The noes had it, and the motion was not carried.
  • PAVES The new road paves the way for better transportation in the area.
  • PEES I hate when my dog pees on the carpet.
  • Phages Phages are viruses that infect bacteria and sometimes can be used as an alternative to antibiotics in treating bacterial infections.
  • Phases The moon phases are the changing appearance of the moon.
  • phew Phew, I was worried I wouldn't make it to the meeting on time.
  • PHIS
  • phobos The Red Planet, Phobos, is one of the darkest objects in our solar system.
  • phoebe The Phoebe I met at the coffee shop was a sweetheart.
  • phoebes The phoebes were very excited to see the new bird feeder.
  • phone I always make sure to charge my phone overnight.
  • phones
  • phonies
  • phooey It's all a bunch of phooey.
  • Photos
  • PHYS My PHYS teacher is really strict.
  • PIES I love baking fruit pies during the fall season.
  • poesy She spends her free time reading poesy and writing her own short stories.
  • poofs I don't know how but my stress-poofs vanished.
  • POOS I love going for walks outside, but my dog Poos always seems to pee on the grass.
  • Poss
  • ROES
  • SHES Shes beautiful inside and out.
  • shoes I love to shop for new shoes.
  • shoves The rude customer shoves past the line of people waiting to be helped.
  • TOES I always wiggle my toes when I'm nervous or bored.
  • who's I have no idea who's responsible for this mess.
  • WOES Despite her financial woes, she remained optimistic and worked hard to overcome her difficulties.

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