What is the correct spelling for PHOTGENIC?

This word (Photgenic) may be misspelled. Below you can find the suggested words which we believe are the correct spellings for what you were searching for. If you click on the links, you can find more information about these words.

Correct spelling for PHOTGENIC

We think the word photgenic is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for photgenic

  • antigenic While there is no necessarily close connection between virulence and antigenic property, yet since virulence is so variable, it is rational to assume that antigenic property is also extremely variable.
  • botanic I'm the only thorer bred botanic that's in these parts.
  • eugenic The "eugenic acid," with a strong odour of cloves, is powerfully antiseptic and anti-putrescent.
  • hygienic The boy was delicate besides, and the house of the good old rector-uncle was an excellent place for him, because of its large and airy rooms and the thoroughly hygienic condition in which it was kept.
  • organic The contemplation and worship of him comes as the final and highest stage of a life which is organic and continuous throughout.
  • pathogenic The popularity of this process has suffered through the efforts of over zealous enthusiasts who have been unable either to recognize its limitations or to appreciate the fact that a domestic water supply should be something more than a palatable liquid that does not contain pathogenic organisms.
  • phonic He had previously developed the Novachord and Solovox, two instruments which used vacuum-tube circuitry rather than tone or phonic wheels to generate the tones as in a Hammond Organ.
  • photogenic He said that during the last seventeen years he had devoted much attention to the photogenic or illuminating values of different qualities of paraffin oils in various lamps, and to the production of permanent illuminating gas from such oils.
  • photon
  • shotgun
  • photons
  • photogenically
  • post-pubescence

475 words made from the letters photgenic

4 letter words made from photgenic:

hoei, goti, chip, coen, epng, tion, onge, gone, hogi, neoh, hino, pint, engh, enoh, cent, pehn, iong, cpio, chit, poit, ipoh, gipn, inch, hoti, ghen, egco, gihe, inge, toch, ipho, tegh, geci, cohn, opec, gion, chop, gihn, eich, tihn, ngoh, penh, tiph, hope, epic, nieh, thie, copt, toei, egin, eiht, igoe, higo, nito, igon, once, choi, poth, noce, phot, pion, gent, thge, oghi, thin, gohn, cope, tohn, inec, echo, geto, chig, tepi, peon, engi, nigh, open, thoi, tone, pong, hice, goht, goth, phet, ogie, iten, thon, goit, toge, cego, hopi, tehn, cote, nith, thog, nice, nget, pogi, tine, egoi, teip, toci, chon, hito, pego, oche, pgoh, eipo, pith, topi, ting, poti, poet, itno, hone, choe, peto, itoh, igno, ohne, iteh, inhg, tinh, ncoh, ipco, gien, note, ghio, ecto, pone, ithe, tech, nghe, ento, ping, coin, etch, ogin, pegh, nego, pine, echt, nipe, chie, tihg, enic, thio, teoh, geht, hint, pech, tope, tecn, hing, gpct, cite, otic, phon, togi, cing, heon, noch, then, chin, cone, gehn, tipo, icon, hiep, nhot, hoeg, iton, othe, nige, poin, opet, ngoi, noth, itch, pent.

5 letter words made from photgenic:

copie, inept, ieong, pitch, toing, nithe, heico, cient, chien, piong, cenph, conti, pinho, oncet, gihon, toein, honig, hiten, hotei, hecto, etich, intoe, pince, chepo, tchen, neith, teign, thing, ethoi, tineh, pinto, tiong, cogen, ethno, ehing, chopi, gonic, cinto, thone, pinot, eigth, ptech, chito, gtech, pineo, tonic, inthe, optic, ponce, pheic, hinge, hongi, ciego, epoch, penic, nepic, centi, cione, eigon, egnot, hieng, tieon, gheit, cnote, tophe, tecno, tepco, piech, copeh, hopin, citgo, nephi, egion, pehin, epton, picot, otegi, hotic, iteco, hoing, cipot, echoi, hopen, choen, theic, opeth, pinch, ginch, tonci, hotep, ghoti, gipon, hotin, henio, nicht, goche, ohing, phone, tenco, chein, tepig, ontic, gothi, genip, netop, noche, eight, notch, pench, picht, togni, ginep, hiong, noeth, nocht, potec, niche, pecht, theng, nohit, ethic, pengo, oneth, point, ingot, thoen, gotch, coing, poing, tinge, techo, nocte, chino, heong, thong, tinch, geton, ponge, cothi, tipon, tench, night, oping, toine, pinte, coign, goten, hinte, nicot, tochi, opine, cheon, teong, negot, pecot, onthe, ecton, teich, gehin, ethio, ponch, thion, cipto, netco, ethin, gonce, copei, heino, nicho, othin, nitch, gitch, genic, pingo, hogni, poche, goeth, henig, nepit, ponti, pieth, ghent, cogie, copen, nieto, tepic, thioe, phong, thien, tingo, theni, noite, ghote, penco, gonch, tieng, tigon, conge, topic, ponet, tengi, cenpi, petch, egton, piton, getin, hopei, pigot, tengo, chine, chipo, choti, neigh, chone, itoen, tegic, egoic, pheng.

3 letter words made from photgenic:

hop, epi, neo, pct, get, hie, pig, hen, ipo, ion, pit, inh, ego, nog, hcg, ige, pin, hin, hot, not, ceo, ecg, etc, nig, cop, tic, tcp, nth, tec, hoe, teg, oct, ect, phi, nit, nip, cog, eon, gin, tpn, pei, gop, opt, tin, pie, one, otc, tho, ten, hog, net, con, gen, toe, nec, hep, chi, pic, peg, tog, tip, poe, hip, pot, het, tie, thc, ice, pen, cpi, gnp, cot, top, poi, ent, cio, ton, pet.

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