Correct spelling for PICURES

We think the word picures is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for picures

  • epicurus Word of this reaching Athens, and the Athenians learning that the Mitylenians were masters of the country and their own soldiers unable to hold them in check, they sent out about the beginning of autumn Paches, son of Epicurus, to take the command, and a thousand Athenian heavy infantry; who worked their own passage and, arriving at Mitylene, built a single wall all round it, forts being erected at some of the strongest points.
  • procures But all great and wise men think themselves sufficiently repaid by what procures them honour and precedence in the gang, without enquiring into substance; nay, if a title or a feather be equal to this purpose, they are substance, and not mere shadows.
  • piques At last Maximilien has resolved to make appeal from the decree of the Convention to his own Section,-the Section des Piques.
  • cures His system was that of Asclepiades, considered as exploded since the time of the great Boerhaave; nevertheless, he effected wonderful cures.
  • pictures Some had pictures, so I looked at them.
  • pickers The grape harvest must often be hurried, and to keep it in full swing a near-by city from which to draw pickers is a great asset.
  • epicures Vittoria's dwelling-place was near the Duomo, in a narrow thoroughfare leading from the Duomo to the Piazza of La Scala, where a confectioner of local fame conferred upon the happier members of the population most piquant bocconi and tartlets, and offered by placard to give an emotion to the nobility, the literati, and the epicures of Milan, and to all foreigners, if the aforesaid would adventure upon a trial of his art.
  • pedicures
  • assemblings Assemblings for divine worship have been converted into occasions for the secret dissemination of incendiary doctrines, and thus a common suspicion has been generated of all Northern agency in the diffusion of religious instruction among the slaves.
  • selfassured
  • wing*

159 words made from the letters picures

3 letter words made from picures:

crp, cpr, res, sur, rep, pic, ice, pes, ies, prc, psi, cpi, sup, use, cup, epi, sir, cps, icu, sec, esr, cis, sep, sue, sic, cur, pei, pre, pus, sip, irs, per, rip, ire, rue, pie, cer, cue.

5 letter words made from picures:

presi, price, pesci, puris, cuers, cures, euric, pries, sirup, epics, prcis, pures, puers, persi, crisp, uisce, rusie, spire, rices, epruc, crupi, pucrs, scrip, curis, sucre, spice, cursi, ecrus, ureic, scupi, cuper, pucer, super, pueri, pusic, spiru, curie, sprue, suire, creus, cerus, prise, crius, spier, pires, purie, purse, cruse, picus, scire, rupes, curse, rusci, puces, spuer.

6 letter words made from picures:

cusper, crespi, sierpc, cruise, percis, curies, superi, crepis, spruce, pierus, epirus, priscu, riseup, cripes, precis, uprise, crusie.

4 letter words made from picures:

spue, ecru, pecs, risc, ries, peur, iure, crus, peri, iesu, uper, eriu, puce, spur, eris, reup, epic, ruse, pure, priu, cups, sure, rice, rupe, upis, crue, rues, suer, scup, puse, peru, urie, icse, uric, ices, sire, suir, rieu, cusp, cure, spic, puir, rips, user, spec, pier, rise, ripe.

7 letter words made from picures:


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