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How to spell PLATEND correctly?

If you are trying to spell "platen" and you accidentally typed "platend", don't worry! Here are some correct suggestions: platen, planet, planted, planked, plaited. Remember to proofread your writing to avoid misspellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell platend correctly

  • latent The virus can remain latent in the body for years without any symptoms.
  • patent The inventor filed for a patent to protect his unique idea from being copied by others.
  • Plaited She plaited her hair into a sleek braid.
  • Planed I planed the board smooth with a hand plane.
  • planted I planted flowers in the garden yesterday.
  • Plated The silverware on the table was elegantly plated with a thin layer of gold.
  • platen The printer's platen needs to be calibrated for better print quality.
  • platens I often listen to music on my platens.
  • plating The plating on the new kitchen cabinets looks exquisite.
  • Platted He had a neatly platted lawn.
  • pleated Her pleated skirt caught his eye.
  • portend In the natural world, a portend is an event which foretells something else that will happen.
  • pretend

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