Correct spelling for PLAVED

We think the word plaved is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for plaved

  • calved We approached the Barrier and began to rise up on the sloping floes which had edged the Barrier and so on to small bergs which had calved from the Barrier itself.
  • gloved Then Lieutenant Stapleton, in white gloves and wearing his sword, stepped into the room, followed by a midshipman, also white-gloved.
  • leaved The evening star hung in liquid, trembling light above the dark down, the sky fading to a delicious green, the breeze rustled in the heavy-leaved sycamores, and the lights were lit in the cottage windows.
  • loved You've been a boy, Peter, all the time, and you've always loved like a boy.
  • palaver If I live, I'll ask you to forget this rotten palaver.
  • paved Montmorency is a charming place, but not so the road to it, which, being paved, is very tiresome.
  • peeved Brimfield was peeved!
  • placed Nor dared Zalu Zako break the tabu placed by Bakahenzie.
  • placid Now for Utica and Lake Placid by rail, with East Hill in prospect for tomorrow.
  • plagued "You've always laughed at me, Percy Eastman, and plagued me about Freddy Jackson, and everything, and I've borne it like a-like a lady.
  • plaid Cosmo rolled himself in his plaid, lay down at his father's feet, and was soon fast asleep: with his father there, the chamber had lost all its terrors, and was just like any other home-feeling room of the house.
  • planet The explanation of the movements of the planets he found to be more complicated, because it was necessary to account for the fact that a planet sometimes advanced and that it sometimes retrograded.
  • planned They had come up the river in the power boat for a final September run, and planned to stop over night with me!
  • plate I took no jewels nor plate away with me."
  • played He was reddy to go eny time, as he thought the thing was about played out.
  • pleased "I don't think I should be very much pleased, my dear Mary.
  • pleated A tall, gaunt woman of about forty-five whose striding gait caused a hooped and pleated skirt of green silk, surmounted by a bustle, to sway like a lime-tree in a breeze, wore a bodice open in front, with short sleeves, the fag end of some other fashion, but the long draggled-tailed feather boa belonged to the eighties, as did the Marie Stuart bonnet.
  • plover They could hear the curlew whistling and the plover calling amid that monotonous plash of the waves that murmured all around the coast.
  • plowed He reached it just as the first flash of lightning darted down through the heavy darkness, and was about to fling himself against the door, when something-was it the touch of an invisible hand, or the crash of awful thunder which at this instant plowed up the silence of the forest and woke a pandemonium of echoes about his head?
  • plumed Your Lordship will pardon me for this no very long reflection on the short, but excellent speech of the plumed Director to the ambassador of Cappadocia.
  • proved The genuineness of his regret was proved by the delight with which he heard what I could tell him.
  • valved It is within the memory of many now living everywhere how wretched was the sanitary accommodations in every populous place a generation or two ago. Now, with the modern water distribution systems and cheap bathing apparatuses which can be brought to the homes of all, with plunger, valved siphon and valved and washout closets, air valve, liquid seal, pipe inlet, and valve seal traps, and with the flushing and other hydraulic cleaning systems for drains and cesspools, little excuse can be had for want of proper sanitary regulations in any intelligent community.
  • Halved From corner to corner the city was cut diagonally by the Euphrates, which thus halved it into two roughly equal triangles, and the river banks were fortified by brick defences-less formidable than the main outer walls-which ran along them from end to end of the city.
  • Laved Resting a little while with his back against a ledge which insured him from surprise, Macdonald looked out from the hills over the wide-spanning valley, the farther shore of which was laved in a purple mist as rich as the dye of some oriental weaving.
  • Lived He lived to be 76 years old.
  • Paled Wade watched the scene until the fire faded, the golden shafts paled and died, the rosy glow on sage changed to cold steel gray.
  • Palled Its simple pleasures, its peacefulness never palled upon them.
  • Palmed And still the one man she was looking for never put his broad-palmed, long-fingered hand on the iron bar or turned his heavy-featured face towards her little window.
  • Pealed A deep, mellow tone pealed out.
  • Plaited So some of the burgomaster's guests sat at the board with covered heads, and how admirably the high plaited cap of dark-red velvet, with its rich ornaments of plumes, suited the fresh old face of the senior Seigneur of Nordwyk and the clever countenance of his nephew Janus Dousa; how well the broad-brimmed hat with blue and orange ostrich-feathers-the colors of the House of Orange-became the waving locks of the young Seigneur of Warmond, Jan Van Duivenvoorde.
  • Planed 1506, and yet can be more conveniently shaped than planed, a class of machine is employed in which the tool-carrying slide is fed to the work, which is chucked to a fixed table or to two tables.
  • Platted The village of Chisago City is located on a hardwood ridge, between Chisago and Green lakes, in sections 6 and 7, township 34, range 20. It was platted by Isaac Bernheimer & Co., of Philadelphia, on lot 4, section 7, township 34, range 20, in 1855.
  • Plated Dinner was well under way, and Mrs. Bangs, enthroned at the end of the long table, behind the silver-plated teapot, was waiting to receive them.
  • Pleaded "But I love you," he pleaded.
  • Plied The others plied Ootah with questions.
  • Salved In the end, after a debate upon time and place, in which he was all for procrastination-feeling as if in some way that salved his conscience-the letter was written and placed in her hands.
  • Slaved How I slaved over that stuff!
  • cleaved Deeper and deeper, Tom cleaved his way downward.
  • plashed A little stream plashed softly adown it, through a perfect wilderness of flowers, and without one word the tired travellers threw themselves beside it for rest and refreshment.

50 words made from the letters plaved

3 letter words made from plaved:

eld, lap, ade, pdl, ale, pea, dal, lev, ape, pva, pel, lea, lad, led, adp, pad, pal, evl, edp, dle, lav, epa, alp.

4 letter words made from plaved:

5 letter words made from plaved:

padle, vlade, paved, pedal, plead, delap.

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