Correct spelling for PLESAED

We think the word plesaed is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for plesaed

  • blessed "A blessed one-a happy one, my dear Arthur.
  • leased Our chemist, Mr. Prousser, was then sent to a Pennsylvania furnace among the hills which we had leased, with instructions to analyze all the materials brought to him from the district, and to encourage people to bring him specimens of minerals.
  • palisade It is well protected by a tall and strong palisade of three-inch timber.
  • palsied As he looked at her standing there in the strong sunlight, with her palsied hand, which was gnarled and roughened until it resembled the shell of a walnut, curving over her eyes, he felt that a quality at once alien and enigmatical separated her not only from himself, but from every other man or woman who was born white instead of black.
  • placed Frankly, then, she placed her hands in his.
  • plaster You look as though you were working in a plaster of paris factory and were carrying home a couple of large sacks of samples.
  • plead Can you plead for him, even now, when-?
  • pleader Ah, said he, 'tis thee, sweet pleader.
  • please But don't say anything, please.
  • pleased I am so glad, so pleased, but tell me, do you like him?
  • pleated His shirt-bosoms was pleated finer than they ever was, and them ruffles 'round his wrists was kep' like the driven snow; and there warn't a brack in his silk stockin's, and his shoe buckles was kep' polished up, and his coats brushed; and then there warn't no bread and biscuit like Huldy's; and her butter was like solid lumps o' gold; and there wern't no pies to equal hers; and so the doctor never felt the loss o' Miss Carryl at table.
  • pledged But I must I have pledged myself to examine your wound; and I must keep my word.
  • pleiades Some constellation like the Pleiades had flung their fiery tackle across the dusk upon his mind.
  • pressed As he lay there, something cold pressed against his hand.
  • pulsate
  • pulsed
  • Pealed
  • Pleaded
  • Pleasured
  • Pulsated
  • pleads
  • pleas
  • pleases
  • plashed
  • academicians Of Domenico Poggini, likewise, having said above that he is an able sculptor and that he has executed an infinity of medals very faithful to the reality, and some works in marble and in casting, I shall say nothing more of him here, save that he is deservedly one of our Academicians, that for the above-named nuptials he made some very beautiful statues, which were placed upon the Arch of Religion at the Canto della Paglia, and that recently he has executed a new medal of the Duke, very true to the life and most beautiful; and he is still continually at work.

140 words made from the letters plesaed

3 letter words made from plesaed:

ese, alp, lad, sap, sad, ale, das, pes, sep, sle, edp, see, dle, pad, psa, asl, asp, adp, pdl, epa, eel, pas, spa, led, eld, des, pee, pal, pea, lea, lsd, ape, lee, dal, sea, pel, ade, als, lap.

4 letter words made from plesaed:

5 letter words made from plesaed:

lades, deals, paese, pleas, salpe, delap, pedle, leeds, lapse, edale, deepa, ledes, speal, lepas, eales, daele, spade, aseel, spead, aedes, leaps, speed, alpes, pedal, dease, plesa, spela, speld, easel, seeld, dales, peled, plead, deeps, sleep, pales, pelea, leape, peals, delas, peles, peels, easle, sepal, eased, leads, deles, epeda, sepad, splee, padle, pelas, eades, apsed, seale, aspel, lease, speel, leepa.

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