Correct spelling for PLESANT

We think the word plesant is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for plesant

  • Plaint
  • In hope of thy pity do i make plaint to thee as friend to friend.

  • Pliant
  • The pliant host needed no more.

  • Present
  • You will be alone for the present."

  • Pleasing
  • Not pretty work, this, and as little pleasing to perform.

  • Peasant
  • Yet it was the only sort of currency which the peasant would accept in payment for his political support.

  • Planet
  • There's not room enough for age and youth upon this little planet.

  • Palest
  • And hoshiko, taking her cue, laughed too, out of the palest face she had ever had.

  • Pleasantry
  • Farina's eyes yearned to her once, and then he rose and joined in the pleasantry.

  • Plant
  • They took them and planted them when they arrived at the place where they wished to plant them.

  • Plenty
  • There is plenty of work for all, more than plenty.

  • Pleasantly
  • A voice next to his ear said pleasantly, "stick 'em up, stranger.

  • Pleasant
  • It was pleasant to anthony to hear his friend talk again, and he said so.

  • Pleased
  • It has pleased us.

268 words made from the letters plesant

5 letter words made from plesant:

panel, least, penal, apest, taels, lenat, laten, lapse, senal, splat, pleat, elans, alpes, netas, leats, slate, esnal, lasne, nelas, stape, plate, peals, plesa, nestl, pesta, asten, teals, slant, sapne, sepal, plena, salpe, slean, plane, panes, spelt, leaps, pales, nates, astle, plans, splen, pleas, selan, leans, speal, lenas, elsan, stela, apnts, tesla, senta, setal, lepta, antle, tapen, pelts, tesna, selat, petal, salen, aspen, spent, aspel, salet, sanel, pelat, letna, etnas, lepas, peans, neals, stael, speat, estan, plant, sepat, palen, penta, pents, spate, tensa, nepal, panet, paste, spela, pelas, steal, stena, stale, senat, pestl, alsen, lants, pants, tepas, pates, aelst.

3 letter words made from plesant:

pes, ant, lea, alt, stp, pan, pat, lat, pen, sle, nap, eta, ale, pea, enl, pet, pel, est, pst, ans, net, eat, asl, nlp, spa, lap, sep, alp, sea, apt, sap, sat, pas, lpn, set, lan, tan, ape, asp, psa, tpn, ent, tea, tap, ate, let, pal, ten, ane, als, atp, epa, sen.

6 letter words made from plesant:

pentas, palest, platen, pestal, pesant, spaten, naples, pantel, planet, pastel, septan, palets, septal, slaten, planes, santel, stapel, plates, staple, panels, lanset, plensa, peltas, pental, patens, spenta, pleats, seplan, petals, talpes, napels, plaste, tepals, salten, pantle, patels.

7 letter words made from plesant:

plesant, platens, plantes.