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How to spell PLESER correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "pleser" could be "pleasure", "plaster", "player" or "placer". It is important to consider the context in which the misspelling was made in order to determine the most appropriate correction.

List of suggestions on how to spell pleser correctly

  • closer "I moved the chair closer to the window to let in more light.
  • glaser
  • laser The doctor used a laser to remove the skin tag.
  • Leaser As a leaser of the equipment, you are responsible for its maintenance and upkeep.
  • lesser I prefer the lesser-known bands because their music is more unique.
  • loser I don't want to be considered a loser, so I'm going to work hard to achieve my goals.
  • parser The parser identified an error in the code.
  • passer The passer in the hallway nodded at me as he walked by.
  • peeler I need a peeler to peel the potatoes.
  • placer The placer deposits rich in gold and silver are some of the most attractive resources in the world.
  • planer I borrowed my dad's planer to smooth out the rough edges on the wooden boards.
  • plaster I need to plaster the wall before painting it.
  • player What player could turn down this offer?
  • pleader She was the pleader for the defendants.
  • please
  • pleased I was pleased with the finished product.
  • pleases
  • plebe As a plebe in the military academy, he had to complete strenuous physical training every morning.
  • plebes The plebes were nervous about their first year at the military academy.
  • plover The plover is a small, wading bird.
  • pluses I have two pluses for you.
  • poser He was no athlete - he was just a poser.
  • Presser Terrence would like to thank the presser for their hard work.
  • purser The purser was so eager to see everything that she skipped ahead of me on the escalator.

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