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How to spell PLETED correctly?

If you've accidentally misspelled "pleted", fear not! The correct term you may be looking for is "completed". This spelling error is a common typographical mistake, but with a simple correction, your writing will be accurate and professional. Always proofread to catch such blunders!

List of suggestions on how to spell pleted correctly

  • Pelleted The pelleted fertilizer was more convenient to apply than the powdered one.
  • Pelted During the storm, hailstones pelted the roof of the house.
  • Piloted She piloted the plane with great skill and landed it safely on the runway.
  • Plaited The young girl's hair was neatly plaited in two braids.
  • Plated The dinner was beautifully plated with a garnish of fresh herbs on top.
  • Platted The land was platted into sections for development.
  • Pleaded
  • pleated She wore a pleated skirt that swished around her ankles as she walked.
  • plotted The detective plotted his next move in order to catch the thief.

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