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How to spell PLLANED correctly?

If you've accidentally misspelled "pllaned", worry not, we've got you covered! The correct spelling is "planned". A small but vital tweak turns this typo into the right word. So next time you're discussing your well-planned strategy or future endeavors, remember to eliminate that extra "l" and you'll be good to go!

List of suggestions on how to spell pllaned correctly

  • Leaned
  • Loaned I loaned my sister twenty dollars to buy lunch.
  • pillaged The invaders pillaged the village, taking everything of value and leaving it in ruins.
  • pillared The grand entrance hall was pillared with marble columns.
  • placed I placed the vase on the mantel so it wouldn't get knocked over.
  • plane
  • Planed
  • planer
  • planes The planes flew overhead in perfect formation.
  • planet
  • Planked We planked the boards over the windows to secure the abandoned building from trespassers.
  • planned The picnic was well-planned and everything was set up perfectly when we arrived.
  • planted I planted tomato seeds in my backyard garden.
  • Plated The meal was beautifully plated with a sprinkle of herbs on top.
  • played
  • poland I would love to visit Poland one day and explore its rich history and culture.

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