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How to spell POEWER correctly?

The correct spelling for "poewer" is "power". If you are frequently making this mistake, you can try practicing by using the word in different contexts. Reading more often can also help improve spelling skills. Additionally, using spell-check or autocorrect features on your computer or phone can catch errors before they are made.

List of suggestions on how to spell poewer correctly

  • bower She sat in the cool shade of the bower and enjoyed the peace and quiet.
  • chewer As a chewer, he always had a piece of gum in his mouth.
  • cower The dog would cower in fear every time it heard thunder.
  • dower The dower rights ensured that the wife would receive a portion of her deceased husband's property.
  • ewer The ornate ewer was filled with fresh flowers and placed on the mantle.
  • fewer If students study harder, they will have fewer mistakes in their tests.
  • hewer The hewer skillfully cut the logs and created a pile of firewood.
  • loewe I'm looking for a loewe bag.
  • lower I would like to order a lower dress.
  • mower My father is using the lawn mower to cut the grass in our garden.
  • NEWER The newer version of the software has improved functionality.
  • peeler I need to use a peeler to remove the skin from the potato.
  • peeper The peeper in our backyard pond sings loudly at night.
  • peer
  • peewee The peewee football team practiced on the field after school.
  • peter I can't believe Peter is going to stay away so long.
  • pewee The pewee bird sang a sweet melody from the branch above.
  • pewter The candleholders on the dining table were made of pewter.
  • poker She is a real pro at playing poker.
  • pokier This old slot machine is much pokier than the new digital ones.
  • poorer The poorer sections of town are often the most dangerous.
  • popper He handed me a popper and I felt the air whistle as I pulled its pin.
  • porker My uncle Jerry is a big porker, he eats so much barbecue that he needed new pants.
  • porter I'll get the porter to get your bags for you.
  • poser He was a poser, pretending to be something he wasn't.
  • pother I don't want to cause a pother in the office, so I'll wait until after the meeting to bring up my concerns.
  • potter After leaving Hogwarts, Harry became a Potter.
  • pouter
  • powder I use powder to set my hair.
  • power The power of the sun is unrivaled.
  • powers Intelligence and the ability to use powers are two essential qualities for a hero.
  • prewar The war prewar lasted for three years.
  • rower The rower's arms were aching as he powered through the final stretch of the race.
  • sewer
  • sower In order to sow the seed, the sower must carry it in their hands.
  • spewer The spewer was spewing disgusting green liquid all over the ground.
  • tower The tower is Tall, and has many spires.
  • viewer With a viewer like this, you can view your photos and videos with ease.

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