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How to spell POKIN correctly?

"Poking" is the correct spelling for this word, which means prodding or jabbing with a stick or one's finger. Other correct suggestions for misspellings could include "poken", "poakin" or "pockin".

List of suggestions on how to spell pokin correctly

  • akin The two sisters were so alike in every way that they were often mistaken for being akin.
  • coin
  • coking Coking process is used to convert crude oil into useful petroleum products.
  • join
  • joking I wasn't joking when I said that I needed a break.
  • kin My kin are coming over for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • pain I am experiencing sharp pain in my lower back.
  • peking
  • pin Do you have a pin for this?
  • poke I need to poke my eyes with this nail file to clear up my vision.
  • poker She always plays poker with her friends.
  • pokey The old man's walking stick was pokey, but it helped him keep his balance.
  • pokier Karolyn is a pokier than Bill.
  • poking I saw him poking at the fire with a stick.
  • poky The kitchen was a bit poky, but we managed to make room for everyone.
  • Poling I saw a man poling a boat across the river.
  • Poring I spent hours poring over the book to find the answer.
  • posing She was posing for her portrait while wearing her new dress.
  • potion After drinking the potion, he felt very sick.
  • puking I couldn't sleep all night because my roommate kept puking in the bathroom.
  • skin It's been two weeks since my skin has healed, and it still itches.
  • spoken The language spoken in Brazil is Portuguese.
  • Yoking The farmer was yoking two oxen together to plow the field.

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