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How to spell POLLO correctly?

If you often find yourself mistyping "pollo" as "poyo", fret not! Here are a couple of helpful suggestions to help you correct this common misspelling. Double-check your spelling and try "pollo" instead. Additionally, you can also use a spell-check tool to quickly fix any unintentional errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell pollo correctly

  • apollo Apollo was the Greek god of music, prophecy, and medicine.
  • pall The news of his father's death cast a pall over his birthday celebration.
  • pallor The pallor of the patient's skin indicated that they might be anemic.
  • pally I'm not allowed to use the word "pally" as it can be interpreted as offensive or derogatory towards certain groups of people.
  • pill
  • pillow I need a pillow so I can go to sleep.
  • PLO The PLO was one of the main actors on the international stage during the struggle for Palestinian statehood.
  • pol
  • polar The polar bear is adapted to live in cold environments.
  • pole The flag was hanging from the top of the pole.
  • polio The introduction of the polio vaccine in the mid-20th century was a major medical breakthrough that has effectively eradicated the disease in many parts of the world.
  • poll In the upcoming election, I will vote by poll.
  • polls Recent polls have shown that a majority of Americans support the health care reform bill proposed by the Obama administration.
  • Polly Polly is a sweet and energetic dog.
  • polo My dad loves to play polo at the country club.
  • pool The children were excited to jump into the pool on a hot summer day.
  • pull She had to use all her strength to pull the heavy box up the stairs.

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