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How to spell POLLTERY correctly?

If you're looking for the correct spelling of "Polltery", you might be referring to "Poultry". This term refers to domesticated birds raised for their meat or eggs. So, if you meant to talk about chickens, ducks or turkeys, "Poultry" is the right word.

List of suggestions on how to spell Polltery correctly

  • Colliery The coal miners spend most of their day inside the colliery.
  • Politely He nodded his head politely as she spoke.
  • Politer You should have been politer to the guests.
  • Polley
  • Pollster The pollster asked me my opinion on the new policy.
  • Pollsters Pollsters are conducting surveys to gather public opinions on the upcoming election.
  • Polluter The oil refinery was identified as a major polluter of the local river.
  • Polluters Polluters continue to dump harmful chemicals into our water supply, causing great harm to our environment and public health.
  • Pottery I love creating pottery on the weekends.
  • Poultry My family enjoys eating poultry, especially roasted chicken.
  • Psaltery The musician played a sweet melody on his psaltery, captivating the audience.

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