Correct spelling for POTRAIT

We think the word potrait is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for potrait

  • patriot A finer patriot than Tournefort does not exist.
  • polarity Long polarity arms glided smoothly out of the central mechanism and reached the length for Total Destruction.
  • portrait They came to a standstill before her portrait in the drawing-room.
  • portray The sketch, to be perfect, would need to portray a tall, slim, blonde person with feminine features.
  • potato The potato kettle does better.
  • prat Hereupon, Beltane reached out in the dark and touched the small man Prat the Archer.
  • putrid It is a prevalent idea that a leopard will not eat putrid meat, but that he forsakes a rotten carcase and seeks fresh prey.
  • strait After this he came to Sylla, in Chersonesus, as he was preparing to pass the strait, and brought timely assistance for the safe transportation of the army.
  • trait Her frankness, her humility and severe self-condemnation, appealed to every generous trait of his large, charitable nature.
  • Pratt This horse's name was Pratt; he was a poor weak creature, and died subsequently from thirst.
  • Petra The eddies of strong winds between the hillocks must also occasion disturbances and re-arrangements of the sand layers, and it seems possible that the irregular thickness and the strange contortions of the strata of the sandstone at Petra may be due to some such cause.
  • Portraits In it were displayed the portraits of all the monarchs of Europe.

150 words made from the letters potrait

6 letter words made from potrait:

partit, patito, aiport, raptio, ropati, pitaro, torita.

3 letter words made from potrait:

tor, arp, tri, tia, pit, tao, air, atp, oat, apr, opt, pat, tat, tar, top, rio, pot, tit, rit, apt, art, ipo, rot, rat, poi, tot, tap, rap, pro, ira, poa, pia, par, rip, tip, oar, tai.

4 letter words made from potrait:

5 letter words made from potrait:

pitar, parti, ariot, apito, parit, tapti, tripa, pritt, tirat, patro, prita, poria, atrio, tapit, aitor, torti, tropa, tatoi, ottar, pitot, rotti, parto, parot, pitta, piatt, trait, taito, troat, ratti, topia, porta, tapir, otari, pirot, tarto, oirat, ritto, torat, patio, tipao, ratto, troit, proti, iatro, prato, proia, patri, trato, tirta, trapt, atrip, potti, rapti, tator, raitt, pirat, pitra, ittar, ratio, otira, prati, patto, artio.

7 letter words made from potrait:

patriot, partito.

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