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How to spell POWED correctly?

The misspelling "powed" could actually be the word "proud" with the letter "r" accidentally omitted. Other possible suggestions might include "power", "powedo" or "powder", depending on the context and intended meaning of the text.

List of suggestions on how to spell powed correctly

  • awed The audience was awed by the beautiful performance of the ballerina.
  • bowed
  • cowed The team was cowed by the intimidating opponent, causing them to lose the game.
  • Lowed
  • meowed I meowed when I saw the cat in the tree.
  • mowed "I just mowed the lawn and it looks so much neater now.
  • owed He owed the bank a large sum of money.
  • Pawed The cat pawed at the ball of yarn, trying to unravel it.
  • Pawned I pawned my microphone to get gas for my car.
  • pewee The pewee is a small bird that lives in the north eastern US.
  • pied The pied piper lured the rats out of the city with his magic flute.
  • plowed I plowed the lawn today.
  • pocked The pocked surface of the moon is evidence of its history of meteorite impacts.
  • pod I'm going to Pod City.
  • Podded I was podded by the Footballer.
  • poet Robert Frost was a renowned American poet.
  • poised She stood poised at the starting line, ready to run the race.
  • Poked I was poked by a worm while I was walking in the park.
  • Poled She poled the canoe through the calm waters of the lake.
  • Polled She polled the group for their opinions.
  • pond A pond lay in the center of the yard.
  • Pooled The server operating system pooled its storage together to improve performance.
  • Pooped After running for an hour, I was completely pooped.
  • Popped I popped a big piece of candy in my mouth.
  • Pored Josephine's favorite color is green, so her bedroom is painted in the shade of pored ivory.
  • Ported The game was originally created for the PC but has now been ported to the Nintendo Switch.
  • posed
  • potted I bought a potted plant to decorate my apartment.
  • Poured She poured herself a cup of coffee before starting her work.
  • Pouted I pouted when he didn't give me the number I wanted.
  • powder She sprinkled some powder on her forehead to cool her down.
  • powell Jimmy, I've got to talk to you about Powell.
  • power The power of the sun generates renewable energy.
  • powered The car was powered by an electric motor.
  • powers Superman's powers include super strength, flight, and heat vision.
  • Rowed They rowed the boat upstream against the strong current.
  • showed She showed exceptional talent in her violin performance.
  • sowed I sowed the seed in the ground last night.
  • Spewed
  • SWED
  • Towed My car was towed from the no parking zone last night.
  • Vowed I vowed to never again be alone.
  • wed I am excited to wed my high school sweetheart next month.
  • Wooed He wooed her with his charming smile, and she found herself falling for him.
  • wowed I was wowed by the beautiful scenery on my hike.

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