Correct spelling for PRISTNE

We think the word pristne is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for pristne

  • Purists
  • For, after all, this was the great theory of the middle ages, the theological method in sculpture, the literary dogma of the monks of that time; and this is the meaning and purpose of certain groups which even now shock the propriety of our methodistical purists.

  • Priest(Definition of priest)
  • "the law business will be all done by then, and we shall be able to go to the little church at portici, and the priest will marry you.

  • Purist(Definition of purist)
  • The leader of the choir evidently had a heart for the noble effects of gregorian music, while not such a purist as to rule out all modern compositions.

  • Kristine
  • Afterimage, a 2007 crime novel by kathleen george afterimage, a novel by jay brandon afterimage, a novel by kristine kathryn rusch and kevin anderson.

  • Kristin
  • Body and soul" (star trek: voyager), an episode of star trek: voyager body & soul (tv miniseries), a 1993 uk drama serial starring kristin scott thomas and sandra voe body & soul (tv series), a 2002 american series starring peter strauss

  • Piston(Definition of piston)
  • 3349. the piston is made air tight by leather packing indicated by 11, held out by a spring 12. the piston rod packing, 7, is leather held in place by the cap 6 and the spring 8. the air for operating the brake enters below the piston.

  • Presto(Definition of presto)
  • We had luncheon in the della robbia room at the vanderbilt and i was digging the marrons out of a nesselrode when, presto, it suddenly came over me that the baroness was right and that i could never marry a foreigner.

  • Prisoner(Definition of prisoner)
  • I am a prisoner.

  • Tristan(Definition of tristan)
  • Therefore did tristan claim justice and the right of battle and therefore was he careful to fail in nothing of the homage he owed king mark, his lord.

  • Preston
  • But it chanced in the night, as preston lay awake, that he fell to thinking how his father loved him.

  • Christen(Definition of christen)
  • And afterwards luther's own glorious hymn in german, "nun freut euch lieben christen gemein:"

  • Prison(Definition of prison)
  • They would at any rate go out of prison.

  • Peristyle(Definition of peristyle)
  • Beyond these rooms there is a second peristyle, all very beautiful-clearly the dwelling of a man of taste and means.

  • Praising
  • And that afternoon joel staid in, foregoing all the charms of a ball game, to write mamsie a complete account of the affair, making light of the other boys' part in it, and praising up tom beresford to the skies.

  • Priests
  • At sixteen years of age he was urged by the priests to become a monk and to spend the rest of his days in praying for the soul of his father.

  • Present(Definition of present)
  • Costa, who was present, answered in spanish that he wrote it.

  • Christine
  • Long and heavily christine slept.

  • Priestley
  • He was an intimate friend of bentham the utilitarian, of priestley the unitarian, of price the dissenting parson-economist, and of horne tooke the radical.

  • Pristine(Definition of pristine)
  • Count solaro enlarged on the dreadful evils that would result from the bill were it to become law, not to the religious corporations, which a wiser generation and renewed endowments would restore to more than their pristine prosperity, but to the country which suffered the perpetration of a sin so enormous that words were powerless to describe it.

  • Kristen
  • The group included jack (randy) harris, louie kirk, john childs, jerry schreiner, gregg gunnarson, and kristen kinn, and the name was changed to alaska raceway park.

206 words made from the letters pristne

3 letter words made from pristne:

pet, stp, ter, ies, net, nit, rit, irs, pit, pes, per, pin, sep, est, psi, tpn, ret, rip, sip, set, ert, tin, sir, ten, sit, rep, pre, tri, tie, nip, tip, epi, ern, pen, pie, esr, ent, ire, res, sen, pei, sin, pst.

5 letter words made from pristne:

prien, spent, nitre, etsin, pines, ripen, piert, stern, senti, sprin, strin, pitre, sient, terns, retin, spine, tiers, sepin, tsine, riets, treni, tsien, inert, tires, itser, rinse, penis, siter, inter, stire, siner, print, nerts, tenir, tines, istre, pinte, risen, ersin, strep, rites, stipe, stirn, strei, prine, prise, sirte, tripe, tenri, terni, trips, rensi, reist, isner, pirns, stein, epist, strip, siret, piets, spirt, presi, resit, snirt, treis, nepit, tries, peins, piner, preti, spire, pries, ipsen, piter, snipe, steir, spite, pties, tiner, inept, septi, inset, trine, rines, pires, pesti, tiens, niter, erins, setin, piest, sprit, pents, ernst, ister, piste, trise, siren, tenis, serin, persi, rents, spier, perst, perns, entsi, reins, resin, pints.

4 letter words made from pristne: