Correct spelling for PROPMOTION

We think the word propmotion is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for propmotion

  • preemption If they join us generously in the day of our distress, without attempting undue advantages because we are so, they will find a grateful people to promote their future glory and interest with unabating zeal; and from my knowledge of the commerce of this country with Europe, I dare assert, that whatever European power possesses the preemption of it, must of consequence become the richest and most potent in Europe.
  • preposition 20. Here and should be or; because, although a preposition usually governs a noun or a pronoun, it seldom governs both at once.
  • promotion He would be in line for promotion.
  • propagation Propagation by seed is thought to be entirely uncertain, because, as is supposed, the seeds will not reproduce their own varieties.
  • proportion There had always been a distinction between us rather out of proportion to the difference in our years.
  • proposition There was a big whoop and hurrah and then the proposition died abornin'.
  • propulsion In the torpedo proper, which is suspended from a long float so as to be submerged a few feet under water, are placed the small electric motor for propulsion and steering, and the explosive charge.

215 words made from the letters propmotion

3 letter words made from propmotion:

ono, mit, tip, rpm, pit, rip, pom, imp, imo, mot, rim, pro, ipo, ton, mon, pot, pop, nim, tri, too, tor, moo, not, ppi, top, ion, omo, ron, opt, nip, tpn, min, pip, rio, pin, mri, oto, tom, poi, rot, nmr, rit, rom, nit, mop, trm, tin.

5 letter words made from propmotion:

ntoro, optio, primp, ponto, otori, otpor, nippo, imoto, monot, otomi, toomp, nipro, orion, orpin, pinot, pirot, print, tmoro, mirto, potro, ponor, monti, noomi, morto, piton, motoi, poori, impot, proto, omori, nomoi, monir, primo, tropp, monto, ontop, ippon, point, omoto, topor, imron, intro, rooom, toori, piron, omoro, roton, poopo, moron, ponti, mopti, potio, topio, orito, ritmo, troon, trion, rimon, impro, porno, troop, minto, prion, omron, torno, porto, minor, nitro, minoo, niort, mitro, tomoo, trono, motor, pinto, noort, impor, oromo, poort, motoo, toron, timor, ropin, orono, nooit, tipon, moroi, onoro, monor, nioro, proti.

4 letter words made from propmotion:

oort, moot, nooo, pint, romp, trip, pion, riot, tiro, noir, miro, orti, otim, romo, omit, omir, trim, poon, pomp, orto, pmoi, iton, iron, omon, pimp, tono, poot, orio, pomo, rptn, tipo, prop, port, opon, oton, oppo, itmo, prom, poor, toop, poin, poti, tion, mint, root, oono, nito, poro, nomo, noio, nori, moor, itno, topi, rono, noto, toor, poop, prim, oont, moon, trio, room, mono, norm, otro, omni, otoo, morn, mooi, poit, torn, moir, rimo, porn, mooo, orno.

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