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How to spell PURDGE correctly?

One possible correct spelling for "purdge" is "purge", which means to rid of impurities or to cleanse. Another possible spelling could be "purgee", which is a person who is purged or eliminated from a group or organization. It is important to check the spelling carefully and rely on a dictionary or spell-checker for accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell purdge correctly

  • budge
  • fudge I love to make fudge during the holidays.
  • judge The judge sentenced the defendant to five years in prison.
  • nudge I gave my friend a nudge to get their attention during the lecture.
  • pledge
  • pudgy I'm not too skinny, but I'm not too pudgy either.
  • PURDUE The Purdue University football team is one of the most successful in the country.
  • pure Pure poisoning is serious business.
  • puree I puree the fruits and vegetables for my smoothies.
  • purge
  • Purged After she was purged, the trial was much shorter.
  • Purger
  • purges The dictator carried out purges to eliminate dissenting voices and consolidate his power.
  • purse
  • spurge I needed to get some detergent to clean the Spurge off my jeans.
  • surge The hospital experienced a sudden surge in patients during the flu season.
  • urge

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