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How to spell PUTHING correctly?

If you meant to type "puthing" but noticed the mistake, don't worry; it happens to everyone! The correct spelling is "pushing". Remember to double-check your work before hitting send. In the future, ensure that all your letters are in the right order to improve your spelling accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell puthing correctly

  • bathing I love bathing in the warm water after a long day at work.
  • Lathing The contractor was busy lathing the walls in preparation for the plastering.
  • Mouthing She was mouthing the words to the song but wasn't actually singing.
  • nothing
  • patching I spent the whole afternoon patching the holes in my shirt.
  • Patting She was patting her dog's head to calm him down.
  • petting She loves petting her cat while watching TV.
  • pitching The young pitcher was nervous when he first started pitching in front of large crowds.
  • pitting The pitting corrosion on the metal surface was extensive due to exposure to salt water.
  • Potting Potting plants is a great way to add greenery to your home.
  • Pouching The nurse demonstrated the proper technique for pouching the patient's colostomy bag.
  • Pouting I was pouting when I couldn't find my pen.
  • pudding
  • puffing George was puffing and sweating as he ran to catch the train.
  • puking I was so sick from the flu that I spent the entire night puking.
  • Puling My baby is crying so much it's making my head hurt - Puling.
  • pulling She was pulling on her coat, trying to zip it up in the cold wind.
  • punning Punning is a clever and humorous wordplay that is enjoyed by many.
  • Pupping The seal colony on the beach is in the midst of pupping season.
  • purging She felt a sense of relief after purging her closet of any clothes that no longer fit or brought her joy.
  • Purling I love to purling on the antique loom in my grandmother's old living room.
  • Purring The contented cat lay on the windowsill, purring softly as the sun streamed through the glass.
  • Pursing
  • pushing She was pushing the heavy cart up the steep hill.
  • Putin
  • putting I am putting on my coat.
  • thing I really need to do my thing.
  • Tithing My family believes in tithing ten percent of our income to our church.
  • Withing

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