Correct spelling for RAGIEM

We think the word ragiem is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for ragiem

  • gem This gem, Bonaparte, as usual, stole and placed upon his own hand.
  • radium Unthinkably swift as are the vibrations of the radium ray, this substance called the brain is capable of receiving, recording, giving off still more intricate and marvelous motions.
  • rag He was as limp as a wet rag.
  • rage Now that she sees it is worth more than all the rest put together, she is in such a rage with Mother that it is really absurd.
  • ragged At the order of an N.C.O. they loaded-this had no effect on the Frenchmen, who laughed and ragged the C.O. and sentries in French and bad German.
  • raging The poor count must be raging at this very moment.
  • ragtime He had all the new ragtime songs and dances, which he rendered to his own accompaniment on an old battered banjo.
  • rake Cover them with the rest of the soil and rake it level.
  • ram There is much discussion as to what part of her it is that is visible, but it appears to me to be the keel, certainly the ram is there.
  • ramie If ramie fibre be prepared in such a way as to remove from it all traces of the glutinous coating, a silk-like fabric can be obtained from it, and if still further prepared so as to improve its absorbent powers, it can be formed into mantles having a life considerably greater than is possessed by those of the cotton fabric.
  • regime The Project Gutenberg eBook, The Ancien Regime, by Charles Kingsley This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever.
  • regimen In the first place, a carefully prescribed rule of diet, so as to soothe the internal irritation"-here Brisset signified his approval; "and in the second, a hygienic regimen, to set your general condition right.
  • rem Verbum Catonis est unum ex omnibus Caesarem ad evertendam rem publicam sobrium accessisse.
  • requiem He had already cast his eyes on the famous Requiem of Mozart; that was the only reason for which he was interested in the prelate's fate.
  • rigel Then Gershom went on to the other constellations, and talked of suns of the first and second magnitude, and pointed out Sirius, in whose honor great temples had once been built in Egypt, and Arcturus, the same old Arcturus that a Hebrew poet by the name of Job had sung about, and Vega and Capella and Rigel, which he said sent out eight thousand times more light than our sun, and is at least thirty-four thousand times as big.
  • rim At five o'clock we were trotting up the slope of Buckskin, bound for the section of ruined rim wall where we had encountered the convention of cougars.
  • rime The pack-straps galled his shoulders, his fur-cap was thick with rime, and its fringe of frosted hair stung his forehead.
  • Raged At the Reformation iconoclasm raged with unpitying ferocity.
  • Jaime Executive branch: chief of state: Queen BEATRIX Wilhelmina Armgard of the Netherlands (since 30 April 1980), represented by Governor General Jaime SALEH (since NA October 1989) head of government: Prime Minister Miguel POURIER (since 25 February 1994) cabinet: Council of Ministers elected by the Staten elections: the queen is a constitutional monarch; governor general appointed by the queen for a six-year term; following legislative elections, the leader of the majority party is usually elected prime minister by the Staten; election last held 31 March 1994 (next to be held NA 1998) election results: Miguel POURIER elected prime minister; percent of legislative vote - NA
  • Reggie "We've got a little kiddie called Reggie.
  • Rages Satan rages not so much on account of his own loss as for their gain.
  • RAGA proceed from the five-fold afflictions (kles'as), namely avidya, asmita, raga, dve@sa and abhinives'a.
  • regimes Going over the days of his youth and young manhood, recalling the grave, sometime gross lapses chargeable to him, spite of his best of environment and bringing-up, what call has anyone lightly to damn a lad, either mentally or morally, whose lot it had been to be deprived of direction, while he was being shouldered into moral gutters? Why insist with so much of balderdash about the predestined criminal, and at the same time order social usages and the execution of penal law to his hand; then, when he falls plumb backward, so order prison regimes that they do with and for him just those things they ought not do, and leave either undone or half-baked, just those things they ought to do?

80 words made from the letters ragiem

5 letter words made from ragiem:

grime, argei, marge, maige, mager, regmi, riage, greim, marei, image, graem, ramie, merga, armie, imreg, gamer, ergma, iarge, magri, reima, ameri, mirae, rgime, aegir, miera, egami, grima.

3 letter words made from ragiem:

ige, ira, aim, mei, era, emg, gem, igm, ear, mag, are, age, iga, ire, rag, rig, erg, mri, mar, meg, rem, air, gar, rim, ram, arm.

4 letter words made from ragiem:

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