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How to spell RALES correctly?

If you meant to type "rales" but misspelled it, here are some helpful suggestions. You may have been intending to type "rails", which refers to the parallel bars used for support or as a boundary. Another possible word is "tales", which are stories or accounts. Remember to double-check your spelling for accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell rales correctly

  • ALES I ordered three ALES at the pub last night.
  • bales The hay bales were stacked neatly in the barn.
  • dales The dales are a group of hills in the Lake District, England.
  • gales The gales battered the ship mercilessly.
  • hales
  • Males The males in this species are distinctly different from the females.
  • pales Her skin pales in comparison to the snow-white walls of the room.
  • Races He is passionate about attending horse races.
  • Rages The storm rages on, unleashing its fury on the small town below.
  • rails The train chugged along, clinging to the rails as it went.
  • rakes He rakes the leaves in the garden every autumn.
  • Rallies The political candidate held multiple rallies throughout the state to gain support from voters.
  • Rapes It is not appropriate to provide a sentence with the word "rapes" as it can be triggering and offensive.
  • RARES I could not find any dictionary definition for the word "RARES," but it may be a typo for "rare.
  • rates The bank rates have increased in the past year.
  • RAVES She gave raves about the party.
  • razes The wildfire razes have caused extensive damage to the forest.
  • relies She relies on her guardian angel to watch over her.
  • riles John's constant interruptions really riles me up.
  • rills The deep rills in the mountains were caused by years of erosion from the flowing water.
  • Roles My husband and I have roles in our family.
  • rolls I will pick up some rolls from the bakery for breakfast.
  • rulers The rulers of the country have imposed strict regulations to control the spread of the pandemic.
  • rules The rules say that you can't eat the fruit on the tree.
  • sales The company hired a new team of sales representatives to increase their revenue.
  • Tales Cider tarts with tales of icky spiders and spooky boogers.
  • vales The vales were lush with greenery and wildflowers.
  • wales Wales is a country located in the southwest of the United Kingdom.

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