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How to spell RAMPPED correctly?

If you have mistakenly typed "rampped" when you intended to write "ramped", fret not! Such slip-ups happen to the best of us. To rectify the error, simply correct it to the correct spelling "ramped" and your message will be crystal clear.

List of suggestions on how to spell rampped correctly

  • Camped We camped in the forest near the lake for the weekend.
  • cramped The airline seat was so cramped that I could barely move my legs.
  • Damped The sound was damped by the thick curtains on the walls.
  • Mapped The geologist mapped the underground caves.
  • Rammed The truck rammed into the wall, causing a loud crash.
  • rampaged The bull rampaged through the streets after escaping from the rodeo.
  • raped
  • Rapped He rapped his fingers on the table, waiting impatiently for his food to arrive.
  • Rasped He rasped out a cough and cleared his throat.
  • remapped The country's borders have been remapped following the war.
  • ripped He ripped his shirt when he jumped over the fence.
  • Romped The children romped in the park for hours.
  • rumpled I left my shirt rumpled on the floor.
  • Tamped When I drive my car, I always use a "tamped" tire.
  • Tramped We tramped the entire circumference of the park.
  • Vamped She vamped up her look for the party.
  • wrapped I was wrapped up in a warm blanket.

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