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How to spell REABLE correctly?

When faced with the misspelling "reable", consider alternative words such as "enable", "restore" or "empower". These choices accurately convey the meaning of enabling or restoring someone's abilities. Remember to proofread and utilize spell-check tools to avoid misspellings and ensure effective written communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell reable correctly

  • able
  • arable The land was flat and arable, perfect for growing crops.
  • cable Can you please hand me the cable for my phone charger?
  • fable
  • friable The soil in this garden bed is so dry and friable that it crumbles easily in my hands.
  • gable The gable of the old farmhouse was adorned with a weathervane.
  • Mable
  • rabble The raucous rabble outside the courthouse was demanding justice.
  • ramble I love to ramble through the forest and explore the different trails.
  • readable
  • real I'm a virtual assistant, so I'm not a real person.
  • realer
  • really I don't really want to go to the party.
  • regale I will regale you with tales of my adventures.
  • reliable My car has been very reliable over the years, never breaking down and always getting me where I need to go.
  • resale We have to mark down the price of these items to increase their resale value.
  • reusable Environmentally conscious shoppers prefer to use reusable bags instead of single-use plastic bags.
  • rouble
  • rubble Following the storm, the town was covered in rubble.
  • ruble She tumbled out of bed and grabbed her ruble, racing out the door.
  • rumble The thunder began to rumble in the distance as the storm approached.
  • sable She wore a glamorous sable coat to the gala.
  • table I need to place the tablecloth on the table.
  • treble The singer has a beautiful treble voice.

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