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How to spell RECEPES correctly?

If you frequently misspell "recepes" as "receipes", here are some helpful suggestions to correct it. The correct spelling is "recipes". To avoid errors, you can use spell-check tools, double-check before finalizing anything or memorize the correct spelling. Picking up these small tips will ensure your recipes are spelled correctly.

List of suggestions on how to spell recepes correctly

  • RECAPS My favorite podcast RECAPS the latest episodes of my favorite TV shows.
  • recedes As you climb up the mountain, the view behind you slowly recedes into a blur.
  • receipts I always keep my receipts as proof of purchase.
  • receives He always receives a warm welcome when he visits his grandparent's house.
  • recess After lunch, the students went outside for recess.
  • recesses The mouse scurried deep into the recesses of the maze.
  • recipe My grandma's fried chicken recipe is a closely guarded family secret.
  • Recipes I love trying out new recipes for delicious meals.
  • recites The young girl recites her favorite poem to her friends.
  • recopies
  • retypes She retypes the document to ensure there are no mistakes.

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