How to spell RECUIT correctly?

We think the word recuit is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell recuit correctly

  • circuit They made the circuit of Mumford's pump, and assured themselves-for what the knowledge was worth-that it really was a pump, and Mumford's.
  • curt He turned and looked at her with his curt laugh.
  • cut It's not new, you know; she says it isn't the real present, but it can be cut down and it will look like new."
  • erect For a minute or two he stood erect, with folded arms, gazing moodily before him.
  • eruct
  • quit I'm not wearing this. It's too hot. Quit it.
  • racket He was caught with a racket in his room.
  • react We reacted with horror when we heard the news.
  • rebut
  • recant I hereby recant my earlier statements.
  • recast I have to recast my vote.
  • recite
  • reciter John is a reciter.
  • recoil I recoil from the smell of garlic.
  • recommit After she had apologized, he felt like she was ready to commit to the relationship again.
  • record
  • recount The recount results are still pending.
  • recruit
  • recruiter I am looking for a new recruiters.
  • recto John is reading a book on the recto.
  • rector The rector of the Anglican church touched my shoulder.
  • recur The recurrance of the symptoms was a cause for concern.
  • refit The ship needed a refit before it could resume its voyages.
  • reid I met Reid at the bar last night.
  • reit He rented a reit from the farmer.
  • remit I refuse to remit this payment.
  • requital He received his requital in the form of a lawsuit.
  • requite I will requite your kindness with a full refund.
  • requited After helping her with her homework, he felt requited.
  • reunite Susie and Dave reunited after 25 years apart.
  • rocket I'm going to build a rocket to leave this planet.
  • rout It was too risky to continue on the road, we should find another route.
  • rut
  • Requiter She asked him to requite her with a gift.
  • recurs Every Sunday morning, Recur brings you the best in new and catalogued music.
  • REC
  • RCPT Please enter your real name.
  • RECD Recording equipment damaged in storm.
  • reedit After my initial post, I edited it to reflect my current opinion.
  • requites I thank you for your gift, it is much appreciated.
  • resit She tried, but couldn't resit the test.

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