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How to spell REFOUSE correctly?

If you meant to type "refuse" but accidentally entered "refouse", here are some possible correct suggestions. You can use a grammar and spell check tool to correct the misspelling or you can manually change it to "refuse". Double-checking your spelling can help ensure accurate and professional communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell refouse correctly

  • defuse The police officer was able to defuse the tense situation by calmly talking down the angry protester.
  • effuse As he began to speak, his words began to effuse with passion and conviction.
  • recourse The company has recourse to the courts if the contract is not fulfilled.
  • refocus After getting distracted by her phone, she needed to refocus on finishing her homework.
  • reforge I wish to reforge this broken sword into a masterpiece.
  • refuge A refuge of peace and tranquility, The Refuge offers healing and hope to all who enter.
  • refuse
  • Refused I refused to eat the ice cream.
  • refuses The toddler refuses to eat his vegetables.
  • refute I cannot refute the evidence presented by the prosecution.
  • rehouse The new homeowners had to rehouse all the furniture and electronics.
  • remorse He felt a deep sense of remorse for his selfish behavior towards his sister.
  • repose I find great repose in the stillness of a quiet forest.
  • reuse I reuse old milk containers to store flour in the pantry.
  • rouse The loud noise outside his window managed to rouse him from his deep sleep.

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