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How to spell REMORES correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "remores" instead of the correct spelling, here are a few likely alternatives: "remorse", referring to a feeling of regret or guilt; "remotes", denoting handheld devices to control electronic devices; or "remover", a noun for a substance or tool used to eliminate something. Be sure to double-check your spelling to communicate accurately!

List of suggestions on how to spell remores correctly

  • Memories Looking at old photographs helped bring back a flood of memories from my childhood.
  • mores The mores of the community dictated how one should behave in public.
  • rehires The company decided to offer rehires to some of their former employees who were laid off due to the pandemic.
  • remakes Hollywood seems to be running out of ideas as the number of remakes and sequels continue to increase.
  • remarks She made disparaging remarks about his cooking, causing him to feel insecure about his culinary skills.
  • remorse She felt a deep sense of remorse for her actions.
  • remotes I have lost all my remotes and now I can't change the channel on the TV.
  • removers She hadn't realized how many different kinds of stain removers there were until she visited the cleaning aisle of the grocery store.
  • removes
  • retires After working for 40 years, he finally retires to enjoy his well-earned leisure time.
  • reveres The tribe reveres their elders as wise advisors.
  • rewires
  • rumored It is rumored that they will be getting married in the fall.
  • rumors The rumors about the company's layoff plan caused panic among the employees.

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