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How to spell RESOURTED correctly?

If you're struggling with the misspelling "resourted", here are some correct alternatives to consider: "resorted", "resourced", "restarted", "reported" or "resulted". These words reflect different meanings, so choose the one that fits the context. Remember to proofread your work to catch any spelling errors and enhance clarity.

List of suggestions on how to spell resourted correctly

  • reported The news channels reported on the major earthquake that struck the city.
  • resonated The speaker's words resonated with the audience, causing many to nod their heads in agreement.
  • Resorted After attempting to fix the issue himself, he finally resorted to calling a professional plumber.
  • Resounded
  • resourced The team was well-resourced, with access to the latest technology and a pool of talented professionals to draw from.
  • restarted I restarted my computer to try and fix the issue.
  • Resulted The sudden rainstorm resulted in flooding on the streets.
  • Retorted "I am not lazy," she retorted sharply when accused of procrastination.

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