Correct spelling for RETALLYATE

We think the word retallyate is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for retallyate

  • retaliate The little bear made violent efforts to retaliate, but a piece of rope put round his nose, prevented him from opening his mouth, while we fastened his fore-legs together; we then, taking two sticks, placed them under his body and Uncle Denis and I carried him along, while Dio brought the little dead bear on his back.
  • steelyard But of more importance to his living fame were the two large oil paintings-the Triumph of Riches and the Triumph of Poverty-which he executed for the Hall of the Steelyard.
  • Retailed They had heard about Jerome's clocks which had been retailed about the country, and that they were good time-keepers, and would enquire for my clocks.
  • Retaliated When the Dutch fire began to slacken for want of ammunition, Considine retaliated by opening a British battery, and soon learned that Marais and his wife both claimed, and were not a little proud of, a few drops of French blood.
  • Retold These, together with a small number who owed allegiance to Eric Sawyer, found the story quite to their liking and doubtless told and retold it and enlarged upon it at every telling.
  • replayed If otherwise marred, it shall be replayed.
  • retooled When nearly dry the impressions should be put in again with a cool tool, reglaired and retooled.
  • relayed I'm due a month's vacation, and I'm going to have my mail from the office relayed back to New York from the yacht off Nantucket so that bunch of money grubbers can't find me.

286 words made from the letters retallyate

3 letter words made from retallyate:

ert, alt, ear, rye, eye, yet, tay, eel, tyr, lye, art, lea, aar, ler, ret, tar, all, lee, ate, ell, ala, let, tee, era, eta, ara, tea, tet, ley, lay, try, rat, ale, ter, lat, tat, eat, ayr, yea, ray, are, rya.

4 letter words made from retallyate:

aare, eely, real, taee, atar, tary, atle, tael, tyet, eley, rale, tear, ryll, aery, lely, arey, earl, tera, lert, ertl, tyee, eral, leer, lyra, leal, reel, taal, ayte, reye, eery, tery, lery, area, yeta, ryle, tart, yele, rete, atay, trat, rtlt, lyta, tate, lele, rate, tyre, aaye, lear, rely, arty, eter, layl, teal, laya, tala, ally, alar, etre, tare, allt, yale, ytre, lyre, leyl, tety, leel, ealy, yall, year, alee, late, tree, trel, rayl, eyra, ayer, llay, ayre, rall, llyr, tell, tall, yell, tara, alay, elya, ayar, rayt, layr, tale, ayat, teye, laye, erya, teat, aryl, elea, reay, trey, tlte, rlly, tray.

5 letter words made from retallyate:

latta, ellet, teary, tayra, artel, alter, rayle, tally, leary, yalta, tatya, trate, ralte, earll, eyler, allee, ateya, trela, ratte, llyra, aryee, talat, tetra, ratel, later, treat, atete, lyart, atray, alete, altar, ratty, latte, teatr, atall, atler, eater, alert, letra, yatra, teter, tarte, alere, telly, relly, ryall, letea, realy, latae, laeta, leray, alary, llera, leery, areal, tatra, ratal, artal, tarea, early, ealey, eletr, teare, reate, tater, alley, relay, altra, allay, attar, eatly, elate, rettl, reata, tatar, taler, aylet, treet, leral, reale, alate, retal, teera, tatry, tayar, rally, allar, allat, talel, talla, letal, ettal, layar, alryt, ratae, telae, yalla, yatta, tarle, lyrae, ttlly, leale, elley, ratey, leyte, leare, ayele, ertel, ytter, alery, ratee, aleye, alyea, ratta, talty, etter, tatel, tyler, altay, treta, leear, tarty, telle, reaal, areel, ayler, arete, reell, elara, yella, ltaly, teyla, yater, talet, lyter, trata, yelle, arale, tryal, layer, ertle, yarta.

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