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How to spell REVEIVES correctly?

The correct spelling for "reveives" is "receives". This error could be corrected by using tools like spell check and grammar check on word processors. It is also helpful to proofread the text to detect errors and make necessary corrections to ensure the accuracy of the written content.

List of suggestions on how to spell reveives correctly

  • receivers The football receivers caught 7 passes in the game.
  • receives The hospital receives countless patients each day.
  • Reeves Keanu Reeves is known for his roles in blockbuster movies.
  • relives After testifying, she relives the memory of that fateful day all the time.
  • reserves The national park has strict rules about disturbing the wildlife reserves.
  • revenues The company is projecting a 20% increase in revenues this year.
  • reveres She reveres her grandmother for all the wisdom and knowledge she has shared with her over the years.
  • Reveries I often indulge in reveries about traveling to far-off lands.
  • reverses When unexpected reverses emerge, she always finds a way to pivot and move forward.
  • reviles She reviles him as a traitor to their kind.
  • revises The author revises their manuscript before submitting it for publication.
  • revive He tried to revive his dying plant by watering it more often.
  • revived After receiving CPR, the patient's heart finally revived and began beating again.
  • revives The priest's prayer revives the dying man's spirit.
  • revolves The Earth revolves around the sun approximately every 365.24 days.
  • reweaves The artist carefully reweaves the tapestry to restore its beauty.

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