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How to spell REVESED correctly?

If you typed "revesed" when you meant to write "reversed", don't worry! Here are some correct alternatives. You can use "reversed", "revested" or "revered". Remember to proofread your work to avoid misspellings in the future.

List of suggestions on how to spell revesed correctly

  • Devised The team of engineers devised a new plan to increase efficiency in the factory.
  • Raveled The sweater was raveled and needed to be carefully rewoven.
  • Ravened
  • re vised
  • recessed The recessed lighting in the room provided a cozy atmosphere.
  • Reefed This reefed curtain looks like it's ready for a tropical vacation.
  • Refused The store clerk refused to accept the expired coupon.
  • released I was released from prison today.
  • Reposed The cat lay reposed on the floor.
  • reseed We need to reseed the lawn to fill in the bare spots.
  • reused The old newspaper can be reused as wrapping paper.
  • revealed The report revealed that the company had been engaging in fraudulent activities for years.
  • Reveled She reveled in the happiness radiating from him.
  • Revelled I revelled in the sun's warmth as I walked.
  • revered The revered professor was a favorite of the students.
  • reverse If you want to reverse the polarity of a battery, unscrew the positive terminal and screw the negative terminal back in.
  • reversed The message was reversed so I could not understand it.
  • reverses The team's fortunes went in reverses as they lost their five-game winning streak.
  • Reverted The error has been reverted.
  • reviewed This book has been reviewed in the New York Times.
  • reviled
  • revise I need to revise my notes before the exam.
  • revised The revised edition of the book included updated information and additional resources.
  • reviser The author hired a professional reviser to perfect her manuscript before publishing it.
  • revises She revises her notes before each exam.
  • revived The doctor administered chest compressions and revived the patient.
  • Revoked The judge revoked the defendant's bail after he failed to show up for his court hearing.
  • revved I really need to revved up my engine before we head out on the open road.
  • Riveted I was so riveted by the book that I forgot to eat dinner.

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