Correct spelling for RIGIME

We think the word rigime is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for rigime

  • crime He had told her of the thing as one tells of a crime.
  • game I couldn't ask for anything better at this devils' game.
  • grime But the young man, with his eyes filled with those other-more brilliant-glories, saw only the grime, heard only the dull roar of the wheels that turned out a meaningless flood of gold, like an engine contrived to supply desires and reap its percentage of profits.
  • origami While the material most often used to make artificial flowers is polyester fabric, both paper and cloth flowers are also made with origami.
  • rage From one of the darkened houses a woman's shrill scream issued full of rage and terror.
  • ragtime She had slipped out and been waiting because she was sure Ragtime would bolt and-and come back home, dragging him by a stirrup!
  • ramie Organic clothing may be composed of Cotton, Jute, Silk, Ramie, or Wool.
  • regime Conditions were even worse during the Grant regime.
  • regimen 32. If when a participle becomes an adjective it drops its regimen, should it not also drop it on becoming a noun?
  • requiem November 2d, 5th and 27th, requiem at St. Patrick's.
  • rhyme He had taken her up in his arms and was singing an infantine rhyme to her, and she was staring at him with big, soft Roman eyes.
  • ridge And when morning broke the Federal troops were observed upon every ridge.
  • rig In the midst of their merry feast the sound of wheels was heard and a rig from the station drove up.
  • riga In summer the landing will generally be sufficiently secure; and seamen, who have seen the bay of Riga, in the Baltic, declare, that it will at all times be safer for a ship to load with masts and spars at Norfolk Island, than in that place, where so many ships are freighted yearly.
  • rigel Alpha Centauri is commonly referred to as Rigil Kentaurus (Arabic: رجل أقنطورس Rijl Qantūris), meaning foot of the centaur—compare Rigel in Orion—and also as Toliman (Arabic: الظلمان al-Zulmān), or the ostriches.
  • rigged The doll house was finished, and he had begun to fashion a full-rigged ship in miniature.
  • rigger I told him as a rigger, but that I sometimes found my strength scarcely equal to the work; but when that failed, I was sure God would provide for me as He had always done.
  • rigid We stood at a rigid attention, absolutely silent, for full five minutes.
  • rigor I shall punish him with inexorable rigor, and that will silence the others forever.
  • rim Miss Marigold was in the buggy before I had straightened my hat-rim.
  • rime The hoar-frost had turned the ownerless island into a silver wood; continuous mists had hung every twig with flowers of rime.
  • rogue Ah, what fine fun this is for the cunning rogue.
  • rome We know it in Rome.
  • Jaime Don Jaime, apparently at least, led the idle life of a man whom his position places above all accidents, and for whom political events possess no importance: he strolled about the squares and streets, smoking his cigar, listening to everything that was said with the simplicity of a believer, accepting as true all the monstrous absurdities invented by the novelists of the street corners, and not saying a word himself.
  • Rickie In 2002, The New York Times' Stephen Holden compared Bennetts voice to that of Billie Holiday, Rickie Lee Jones, and even Betty Boop.
  • Jimmie Jimmie did not want to be the one to get wet, nor did Tom White.
  • Reggie Reggie grew more cheerful.
  • GIMME Gimme a bottle of beer!
  • RIGS Jock has put it right by telling him that the translators of the Bible probably made a slip, and Mhor now prays earnestly every night: 'Let everyone in The Rigs go to heaven,' hoping thus to smuggle in his dear companion.
  • regimes Furthermore, capital punishment is a frequent practice to which totalitarian regimes and fanatical groups resort, for the extermination of political dissidents, minorities, and every individual labelled as "dangerous" or who might be perceived as a threat to their power or to the attainment of their objectives.
  • pregame The starting pitcher also makes his final pregame warm-up throws in the bullpen.

28 words made from the letters rigime

4 letter words made from rigime:

emir, egri, rime, riem, mire, meir, miri, grim, germ.

3 letter words made from rigime:

erg, meg, rig, rem, mri, gem, rim, igm, ire, emg, ige, mei.

5 letter words made from rigime:

greim, grime, emiri, imreg, regmi, imeri, rgime.

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