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How to spell RIOLE correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "riole" could be "rio" (a city in Brazil), "rifle", "role" (a part someone plays in a situation) or "rile" (to irritate or provoke someone). It would depend on the context in which the word "riole" was used to determine which correct suggestion is appropriate.

List of suggestions on how to spell riole correctly

  • oriole The bright orange and black oriole perched delicately on the tree branch.
  • prole The prole was always cautious about voicing her political opinions, even among her closest friends.
  • rial
  • riel
  • rifle The soldier aimed his rifle at the target.
  • rile The rude comments he made were sure to rile up the crowd.
  • riled The partygoers were riled up when the security guard refused to let them into the club.
  • riles The constant noise from next door really riles me up.
  • riley Riley plays soccer every Saturday with her friends.
  • rilke Rilke is considered one of the most significant poets in the German language.
  • rill The water flowed gently in the small rill along the edge of the hiking trail.
  • rio I dream of visiting the famous beaches that line the Rio coastline.
  • rissole I made a rissole out of the leftover turkey from Thanksgiving.
  • roe The roe deer are one of the most popular game cervids in North America.
  • role She played the role of the villain in the play.
  • Roles The roles of a husband and wife are dictated by society.
  • roll I need to roll the pizza dough out before adding the toppings.
  • rule

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