How to spell ROARD correctly?

We think the word roard is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell roard correctly

  • board "Probably George and Grant are on board and they are looking for us.
  • broad I shook with the broad shame!
  • hoard In the mean while the giants produce their bags, but soon begin quarrelling together about the division of the hoard, and appeal to the gods to decide their dispute.
  • rad The doctor motioned to the young inventor to follow him out of the room, while Mrs. Baggert replaced the bandages on the colored man's eyes and Koku stood near him, sympathetically patting Rad on the back.
  • radar Radar or other devices may have to be developed to detect approaching meteorites at a distance and automatically change a space ship's course.
  • raid On this raid our squadron went down and we dove shooting at some large boats on the Danube River.
  • rand That's an unusually fine specimen, Mr. Rand.
  • rat A third terrible blast, fiercer and more imperious than those that preceded it, shook the windows as a dog shakes a rat: the house itself it could shake no more than a primeval rock.
  • read I've read that often when I was a girl.
  • ready Now are you ready?
  • rear He went back as he had come, passed the rear guard easily, and found Denver unmoved beside the heads Of the horses.
  • red A red one or a green one?
  • regard He knew nothing of what most smokers regard as the best pipe of the day-the after-breakfast pipe.
  • reward Heaven reward you for your kindness!
  • rid Upon this we were obliged to get rid of them, which we did by discharging a gun.
  • road So they passed down Ripon Road towards the heart of the City.
  • roads They sat down to watch the gallant ship as she rapidly approached the "roads."
  • roar This remark set all the company in a roar.
  • rod "I did that, shaking the top of the rod.
  • rood "Yes; I found him by the roadside not far from Monk's cottage, where he had been visiting, looking sadly at a spring-cart, which the owner thereof, one of the Rood Warren farmers, had managed to upset and damage considerably.
  • rot It is called vox populi and is really rot.
  • rota -Micronesia: Mariana Islands-Asuncion, Agrihan, Pagan, Almagan, Saipan, Tinian, Agiguan, Rota, Guam.
  • rotary A rotary press, my little Frantz, rotary and dodecagonal, capable of printing a pattern in twelve to fifteen colors at a single turn of the wheel-red on pink, dark green on light green, without the least running together or absorption, without a line lapping over its neighbor, without any danger of one shade destroying or overshadowing another.
  • rotor Fig. 26 is a longitudinal cross-section cut of rotor and both lower and upper casing.
  • rowdy Repentant and ashamed, he released her and stood before her humbly, while she denounced him for "a rowdy with the manners of a burglar."
  • Oared The art of four-oared rowing, then, was brought to perfection by the crews of the London Rowing Club many years ago; but there is no danger that it will be forgotten by oarsmen of the present day.
  • Reared The soldier observed, "The prince said truly, for all the people are the slaves and servants of princes; all are reared and fed from their favour and protection.
  • Rode "I will not fear for that," replied the other, and so rode on his way.
  • Roamed I roamed around, sat on sunny stones, and lay in the shade of pines.
  • Roared Naturally, a crowd of street-boys collected under the window, when he roared out, 'Now, what do these confounded boys want?
  • Soared They plodded across the meadow in silence, Cairy thinking of the interview in the city, his spirits rising as they always soared at the slightest hint of an "opening."
  • RDA EAR: Estimated Average Requirements; RDA: Recommended Dietary Allowances; AI: Adequate Intake; UL: Tolerable upper intake levels.
  • roars The sea, agitated by a violent storm, roars long after the tempest; but everything has bounds, which ought at length to be observed."
  • RD London-Baxter, Sam., 20 Paternoster Row, E. C. Dent, W., 34 Southampton Rd., Kentish Town, N. W. George, E., 231 Whitechapel Road, E. Platnauer, Fetter Lane, E. C.
  • NORAD Air Force Base that shares an airfield with the adjacent Colorado Springs Municipal Airport, home to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the Air Force Space Command headquarters, and United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) headquarters.
  • roadie Ricochet (Superior Software/Acornsoft) Rig Attack (Tynesoft) Rik the Roadie (Alternative Software) Robin of Sherwood (Adventure Soft) Roboto (Bug-Byte) Robotron: 2084 (Atarisoft) Roman Empire (MC Lothlorien) Round Ones (Alternative Software) Row of Four (Software For All) RTC Birmingham (Dee-Kay) RTC Crewe (Dee-Kay) RTC Doncaster (Dee-Kay) Rubble Trouble (Micro Power)

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