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How to spell ROCKES correctly?

If you meant to type "rockes" but realized it's a misspelling, here are some possible corrections: "rocks", "rocker" or "rocket". Each option brings a different meaning to the word, but they all involve a sense of excitement, whether it be through nature, music or space exploration.

List of suggestions on how to spell rockes correctly

  • Locke's Locke's philosophical ideas greatly influenced the development of modern liberalism.
  • racks The kitchen had several racks filled with different kinds of spices.
  • rakes He spent his weekend clearing the leaves from his lawn with a collection of rakes.
  • ricks John slipped on the ricks while walking on the farm.
  • Rocked The crowd rocked with excitement as the band came onstage.
  • rocker The rocker on the chair was broken and needed to be fixed.
  • rockers The concert was filled with thousands of screaming rockers.
  • rocket The rocket took off with a deafening roar.
  • rockets I want to see rockets launch!
  • rockies I went on a camping trip to the Rockies last summer.
  • rocks I love hiking and climbing rocks in the mountains.
  • rogues The city was riddled with rogues, making it difficult for travelers to navigate safely.
  • rookies The team's rookies were nervous before their first game.
  • rooks The rooks made their nests high up in the trees.
  • rouges Emily tried on a new lipstick, lipstick rouges.
  • ruckus The neighbors called the police because of the ruckus that was coming from your party.

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