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How to spell ROS correctly?

Some possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "ros" are "rose", "rows", "robs", "rosy", and "Ross". Context can help determine the correct spelling, but using a spell checker or consulting a dictionary can ensure accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell ros correctly

  • BROS My bros and I are planning on going to the beach this weekend.
  • cos I can't solve this problem, cos it's too complicated.
  • dos
  • eros Eros is often depicted as a winged and mischievous cherub.
  • erose
  • HOS HOS stands for Hours of Service, which regulates the number of driving hours for commercial truck drivers.
  • Mos A small village situated in the rural outskirts of the city, Mos is popular for its relaxed atmosphere and stunning natural scenery.
  • NOS
  • os The operating system of my computer is Windows OS.
  • pros Tom is a great guy, he's got a lot of pros.
  • res
  • RIOS
  • rob The burglar tried to rob the convenience store, but he was caught by the police.
  • robs He robs people at gunpoint to feed his addiction.
  • rod
  • rods Fishing rods of different sizes and shapes were arranged neatly on the wall of the tackle shop.
  • roe The roe of the sturgeon is commonly used to make caviar.
  • ROES I read a book about ROES last year.
  • rom
  • ron Ronald was always called Ron by his friends.
  • rosa I have a rosa plant in my garden.
  • Rosae
  • rose The rose is one of the most fragrant flowers in the world.
  • ross Ross is my friend's name.
  • rosy Her cheeks turned rosy as he paid her a compliment.
  • rot The apple had started to rot on the kitchen counter.
  • rots The fruit rots when it is not stored properly.
  • row I need to row my boat to the other side of the river.
  • rows I planted eight rows of carrots in my garden.
  • Roy Roy was thrilled to be invited to his friend's party.
  • RPS I love challenging my friends to a game of RPS (rock-paper-scissors).
  • RS My car has an RS package that includes a sport-tuned suspension and unique exterior design features.
  • RVS The solar eclipse will be viewable from far away locations such as RVS.
  • sos "SOS" is a distress signal used internationally in radio communications.

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