Correct spelling for ROUTIAN

We think the word routian is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for routian

  • croatian Military service age and obligation: 18 years of age for compulsory military service, with 6-month service obligation; 16 years of age with consent for voluntary service; Croatian Military Police planning to end conscription in 2005 (December 2004)
  • laotian The idea of the Laotian having proof of his decadence would dog whatever specious tranquility he hoped to have in a vacant space of his own.
  • oration Numbering at least three thousand, they encamped on the esplanade, where Requesens appeared before them alone on horseback, and made them an oration.
  • ration A good breeding ration consists of the following, the proportions being given by measure in bushels.
  • retain Finally, with fresh gifts of treasure and with tears of regret Hrothgar embraced Beowulf and bade him go speedily to his ship, since a friend's yearning could not retain him longer from his native land.
  • roan Newbern, he kept thinking, would lie four miles beyond that longest ridge, and down that yellow road Sharon Whipple might soon be driving his creaking, weathered buggy and the gaunt roan.
  • robin Robert Robin did not like the weather.
  • rodin After a moment's silence, she said to Rodin, without anger, without bitterness, but with an expression of gentle and serene calmness: "We are told, sir, that happy love works miracles.
  • roman He then turned to the thought of his own correspondence then in progress with the Holy Roman Church, which had lately lost its bishop by martyrdom.
  • rooting 109, as being repeatedly seen in the form of herds of mis-shapen swine-like creatures, rushing, rooting and fighting night after night on the site of that foul monument of crime.
  • rosin A good wax for this purpose is made by melting together one part of tallow, two parts of beeswax, and three parts of rosin.
  • rotation A represents the frame affording journal bearing for the driving spindle driven by the cone pulley P, having the fast flanges f and collars C, which are screwed up to hold the emery wheel by the nut N, the direction of spindle rotation being denoted by the arrows.
  • rotting It was evident, that one of the cheeks had been defective at the first, and that the unsound part had been cut out, and a piece put in, which had not only weakened the mast-head, but had, in a great measure, been the occasion of rotting every other part of both cheeks.
  • rousing
  • routine
  • rowan
  • ruffian
  • ruin
  • russian
  • Rouging
  • Routing
  • Rubin
  • RETINA A beam, pale but wavering, shot out into the darkness as he succeeded in his effort, and by its light, as men in moments of emotion may see some one thing or action painted on their retina by a lightning flash, he saw Archelaus bringing his stick, muffled in a coat, down on Ishmael's head.

214 words made from the letters routian

3 letter words made from routian:

oui, ira, air, oat, tau, urn, uta, tor, out, oar, anu, tar, rut, uni, rit, ain, ron, rna, art, tai, rio, tao, ion, rat, tia, tiu, nut, tun, run, tin, ant, rot, uro, tri, tan, ton, nit, ani, iou, not.

4 letter words made from routian:

onur, rani, tuni, iton, oran, rain, atun, nito, nuit, aoun, ainu, taou, toun, runa, unti, tian, rota, unio, tarn, ruin, urna, tuoi, trna, nout, nuta, rano, raiu, runo, iron, tuno, rant, iuno, naur, ruta, tuna, iran, riou, taro, anti, noir, ourn, riot, raut, auro, tour, unit, aunt, inoa, turn, taon, itno, iota, raio, irun, tion, turo, torn, uria, tiro, utor, orti, iora, arui, nato, tuin, ruto, utan, noua, trio, raun, runt, airt, ratu, roan, auto, tiao, rout, utri, oita, nori, tuor, naor, arno, ruia, anio.

5 letter words made from routian:

ariot, autin, utina, uniat, tauri, aitor, autor, uinta, trion, turia, aiuto, nitra, naito, trani, truan, noria, turon, ratin, orant, ratiu, rotan, ruina, intra, artio, tauno, aiton, niota, riant, nuria, rauno, ratio, ouran, orani, utian, tauon, natio, turin, raion, intro, ianto, nutro, tiano, rutan, turno, atoni, intar, ation, train, nauti, torun, rinoa, ruano, tanui, urton, ritan, ainur, nutri, oirat, ionut, artin, nirta, rauti, riano, nitro, utrio, otari, onair, rinta, trian, nario, tuina, torna, atrio, oiran, tanur, nouri, turai, otaru, urino, iatro, niort, urian, rinat, traun, otira, urano, untar, tiran, otani.

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