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How to spell RRYING correctly?

If you find yourself typing "rrying" instead of "carrying", fear not! Here are some possible correct suggestions to help prevent this misstep. Consider auto-correct, utilizing spellcheck tools or simply slow down while typing. Remember, even the best of us make typos, and with a little attention, we can correct them effortlessly.

List of suggestions on how to spell rrying correctly

  • Arraying As the parade approached, the marching band began arraying themselves in formation.
  • Berrying Every autumn, my family and I enjoy berrying in the fields near our house.
  • Braying
  • burying The old lady was burying a box in her garden.
  • Carrying Carrying a heavy load on my back has been tiring.
  • crying The sound of a baby crying can be distressing.
  • Currying Currying is a technique used in functional programming to evaluate a function with multiple arguments as a sequence of functions with a single argument.
  • Drying The drying clothes are hanging on the clothesline outside.
  • dying Despite the doctors' best efforts, the patient was still dying.
  • ferrying
  • Fraying The edges of the old book were fraying, indicating its age and wear.
  • frying I love frying chicken wings for game day.
  • graying He noticed the graying of his once jet-black hair as he looked in the mirror.
  • Harrying The invading army was harrying the villagers, stealing their livestock and burning their fields.
  • hurrying I was hurrying to catch my flight.
  • Hying I saw a bird hying through the sky.
  • lying I can tell that you're lying because your face is white.
  • Marrying Marrying your best friend can lead to a fulfilling and lasting partnership.
  • Parrying
  • Praying She was praying for strength to get through the difficult times.
  • Preying The lion was preying on a group of zebras near the river.
  • prying I don't want to be prying, but what happened to your arm?
  • raring She was all raring to go and have some fun.
  • Relying Relying solely on luck is not a sustainable plan.
  • retying I am retying the knot on my shoelaces because they keep coming undone.
  • rhyming I love to read nursery rhymes with rhyming words.
  • ring She slid the ring onto my finger.
  • Ruing Ruing the day I left my family behind.
  • Tarrying We cannot afford to be tarrying any longer, we need to leave now if we want to arrive there on time.
  • trying I'm trying to be more organised.
  • tying I am tying my shoes before we go for a walk.
  • varying The colors used in the painting created a varying array of emotions among the viewers.
  • Vying
  • worrying I'm worrying that I won't be able to get everything done before the weekend.
  • wring I tried to wring out the wet towel, but it was still dripping.

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