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How to spell RUMMING correctly?

If you meant "rumming" but actually wanted to say "running", make sure to double-check your texts before sending them. For "rumming" in the sense of making rum, consider using "distilling" or "brewing" instead. Accurate spelling ensures effective communication, so take a moment to ensure you're conveying the right message.

List of suggestions on how to spell rumming correctly

  • brimming
  • Bumming I'm bumming a ride to the party tonight.
  • Cramming I'm so nervous I'm cramming for my test.
  • drumming He had been drumming his fingers on the table for hours.
  • gumming The elderly woman had trouble chewing her food because her dentures were gumming up.
  • humming The sound of humming vibrated through the room, soothing my nerves.
  • Ramming The car was ramming the barricade at full speed.
  • Reaming The machinist is reaming the inside of the metal cylinder.
  • rhyming I enjoy reading books with rhyming poems.
  • riming The sun set on the horizon, painting the sky in an array of colors, riming the clouds with a golden hue.
  • Rimming My friend's brother was rimming her and she didn't seem to care.
  • Roaming My phone is set up for international roaming so I can use it while traveling abroad.
  • Rooming Rooming with a friend while on vacation saved me a lot of money on accommodations.
  • Ruing Ruing the loss of his mother, he spent his evenings writing poetry.
  • rumbaing We always enjoy a good rumbaing at the party.
  • Rummaging I was rummaging through my old boxes when I found my old textbooks.
  • Rumoring I heard a lot of rumoring about the new product launch, but no one knows for sure what the features are.
  • Summing Summing up the results of the experiment took longer than expected.
  • Thrumming The thrumming of the drums filled the room with vibrating energy.
  • Tramming The maintenance team spent the morning tramming the tracks to ensure a smooth and safe ride for passengers.
  • trimming

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